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Whilst we are a pest control company that treats cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, rodents, etc, we do tackle mosquitoes when needed.

In this current hot, humid rainy weather the need has arisen well and truly! If you are starting to think there are more mosquitoes about and they’re bigger, you are not alone. This is a city wide issue.

Also, we just recently experienced one of the biggest tides of the year so no doubt the saltmarsh mossies will be on the go in a couple of weeks’ time. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are just annoying they are known for spreading disease – some quite nasty ones!

mosquito horde swamp 11884

Used by permission of Gary Clark, Swamp Cartoons


Mosquitoes only need 30ml of still water for eggs to be laid and larvae develop. In 8 – 10 days you have the next generation of mosquitoes. Simple things can make a difference.

  • Remove any stagnant water around your home and garden. Something that can be in plain sight but overlooked is the water that sits in the tray of your pot plants. Empty the trays once a week. Also, store away any unused pots or containers.
  • Always keep wheelbarrows upturned so they don’t become a tiny pool for mosquitoes to breed. Cover boats, trailers, tools and children’s toys. Clam pools should be stored when not in use.
  • Change the water in bird baths and pet water dishes every week.
  • Clean or clear gutters. If you don’t have a leaf guard there could be a catchment of leaves sitting in your gutters and creating small pools – enough for breeding. The wind in storms can blow leaf litter some distance away so you may not even be aware there is leaf litter in your gutters.
clean gutters

Clean Gutters

  • Maintain flyscreens on windows, and doors. Over time, a small nick can develop in the flyscreen which is enough for mosquitoes to enter your home. Either repair or replace the screen. Screens should be no coarser than 12 x 12 meshes per 25mm, or 1.2mm.
  • Check and maintain your water tank to ensure the screens are intact.
  • A leaky outdoor tap definitely needs to be fixed. It just becomes another potential water source for breeding.
  • It’s important that swimming pools are maintained and well chlorinated. If not in use, keep covered.
  • Keep lawns and gardens neat and tidy to prevent areas becoming breeding grounds – this is beneficial for general pest management but has equal benefit for mosquito control.
  • Some plants are good for repelling mosquitoes and have other benefits too. Having some of these plants in your garden as well as in pots near doors and positioned on entertaining areas can be beneficial
plants that repel mosquitoes
plants that repel mosquitoes
  • For any outdoor entertaining, mosquito coils infused with citronella are ideal. Also, spray on mosquito repellents are especially effective especially for children who may react more to mosquito bites.
mosquito coils


When we come to your home for a general pest control, we can treat for mosquitoes as well. As mosquitoes are airborne insects, we can’t offer the same warranty as we do with general pest control.

Our pest technicians can do a walk around your property and provide advice on how best to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It’s amazing what a ‘fresh’ pair of eyes can pick up.


Summer is the peak breeding season for many pests so if you haven’t booked a pest control service please call us now. Please mention if you would like mosquito control service as well.

We service: Brisbane, Redlands, Logan City, Gold Coast North, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay Region.

Phone today at 1300 304 725 for your Summer Pest Control service.

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