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Termites! They can ruin a beautiful timber home quicker than you can build it. Such is the incredible force of these tiny insects if they are left to their own happy devices.

As its name suggests, a colony of the destructive subterranean termites usually resides underground in the soil. They can, however, also live quite comfortably in the roots and trunks of both living and dead trees.

As they require moisture to survive, this unwanted guest will construct a mud tube to move around.

These termites can enter your home via pipes, electrical tubing and even through concrete. If there is no secure entry, they construct their mud tubes up walls, piers and posts to gain access to timber flooring, framing and trim.

As they consume the timber from the inside out their presence is rarely detected until you move a piece of furniture or notice a hollow sound against walls and flooring.

Other Types of Creepy Crawlies

Spiders are surely the top of the irk factor for most of us. Arachnophobia is alive and well in the domestic landscape. Most spiders are actually harmless to human beings and do the service of ridding us of flies and other annoying flying insects.

Most of Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs are, however, a haven for the redback spider. These stealthy arachnids usually lurk under window ledges and bits of timber. Their bite can cause mild to intense pain and they are a danger due to them being mostly undetected until they are accidentally bumped or moved.

Service You Can Trust

Reliable pest inspection is the key to achieving maximum protection against bug, bird and rodent infestations. Defence Pest Management possesses over 20 years’ experience in the pest management and control industry. We pride ourselves on setting and achieving high standards of customer service.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our staff members have their finger on the pulse of the pest industry. Our staff, both field crew and office personnel, receive up to date training to ensure their knowledge and skills are current. Our guarantee to our customers is that we can address any enquiry immediately no matter who answers the phone

As we like to value add our service, we are currently offering a free spider treatment when you book a termite inspection.