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If you’re looking for a termite inspection, or a pest control or termite control treatment, look no further. At Defence Pest Management, our technicians specialise in pest and termite management, inspections, and eradication.


Defence Pest Management is a professional Queensland company. We use the most state of the art inspection technology and the best baiting and monitoring treatments to bring you unbeatable protection against termites and other pest infestations.

We are qualified and licensed, and use a completely modern computerised system that helps us provide you with the most cutting edge service possible. Using this technology, we can come up with a pest control program unique to you that will address your specific circumstances.



We offer a complete array of solutions; from prevention to eradication – and beyond – we have your back!


Kill roaches, ants, spiders, and other general pests with a professional pest treatment administered by one of our qualified pest technicians.


Probably the most dreaded of any household pest, termites devour wood and timber from the inside out. They can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home.


Termites are a common pest in Brisbane and Queensland. They’re also a potentially devastating one.


There’s nothing worse than finding termites or other pests in your home. When that happens, you want to act correctly, and you want to do it fast. That’s why, at Defence Pest Management, we offer a comprehensive and systematic Brisbane pest management service.

We start by taking the time to consult with you, discussing your problem and explaining the best solutions so you can make an informed decision.

Then we apply the most appropriate treatment to rid your home or property of these nasty unwanted visitors.

However, we also take things a step further, as we follow up with preventative measures and treatments to keep termites and other pests from returning.

Nasty pests may have made Brisbane their home, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them in your home or business. We can help you keep your home or business pest-free.


If you need to remove termites, rats, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles, and other nasty pests, Defence Pest Management can help. Call us today for a free quote – 1300 304 725.

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Our small team of technicians have over 40 years of experience between them. They are all very passionate about their work and have been long term members of our team.


We are proud to keep on the cutting edge of pest control technology in order to bring you the best service possible


From our technicians to our office personnel, customers come first with every employee at DPM


Every step of the way, no matter what kind of assistance you need, you can rest assured that DPM always uses top-notch customer service


As a local Termite Control business in Brisbane, DPM is happy to assist residential and commercial customers throughout South East Queensland


Every one of our technicians has received the best and most thorough training possible and are fully insured, ensuring that we do the best possible job for every customer we serve.


DPM offers a complete array of solutions; from prevention to eradication – and beyond – we have your back

If you are unsure of the type of pest you may be dealing with or have noticed some signs of termite damage… don’t wait, send us a photo. One of our technicians will help you to identify the pest in question and recommend an appropriate solution.


Aaron Charlton
Aaron Charlton
Defence Pest Management provided an above and beyond high quality service. Everyone was very flexible and understanding. Tony was on time and explained the entire process to ensure that our pets were safe to move in after the pest control was completed. Would highly recommend Defence Pest Management to anyone. Thank you!
joanne dunn
joanne dunn
Very thankful and impressed with Tony and his team. We had alates in the house before Xmas after all the rain. I had a termite inspector from a different business come out who used a moisture meter and sounding (tapping) tool. The other inspector identified an abnormal moisture reading in a wall and recommended an invasive inspection (cutting holes in a wall), at a further charge, without using any other non-destructive equipment such as a termatrac or thermal imaging first, even after being asked to use other non-destructive equipment before an invasive inspection. I rang Defence Pest Management in January to ask a question (after seeing something on their website). Tony came to the property with a moisture meter, termatrac and thermal imaging. There was nothing to worry about with the wall/room and Tony gave me peace of mind. Very grateful. Highly recommended. I will be looking into termite protection as a safety precaution this year.
Chris Estam
Chris Estam
I truly can recommend this company. Everyone we have had contact with has exceeded our expectations. Brett, Tony, Sean and Trish all service minded and professional. Genuine customer focus. Thank you.
Joy M
Joy M
I have been using Defence Pest Management for a number of years and would not hesitate to recommend them. Their service is excellent – prompt, professional, caring and friendly.
I can not speak highly enough of this business. Very reasonable price. Tony the owner of business too nice to be real. Thirsty office manager very responsive and accommodative. Bred who does all treatments a nice and hardworking man. Accidents happens and things go wrong but response of someone toward that accident counts mainly. This business team is excellent in their work and behaviour. They take responsibility and keep their words. I am very happy with them. We are immigrants in Australia from different cultures and countries and sometime misunderstood. We were heartbroken/mistreated due to misbehaviour of a another termite treatment business owner previously. But Tony reviewed my faith in humanity/good manners. At last I declare I am not friend or relative of this business. I am areal customer who got termite treatment and pest management.
Richard B
Richard B
These guys went far beyond what I expected and what they had to do. Highly recommended
Erin Spillane
Erin Spillane
We’ve been using Defence Pest Management for years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Amazing service, great value and perfect results as promised. Thanks team, see you again next year!
Christopher O'Rourke
Christopher O’Rourke
These guys did a fantastic job. We needed a second opinion on a pre-purchase building inspection and these guys came out to our property the next day on a weekend! It brought us great peace of mind seeing first hand with their thermal imaging equipment that the home we were purchasing was in good condition. Thanks!
winnie white
winnie white
Brett did a great job today – very thorough and very professional. Brett also has a wonderful personality. Highly recommend the services. The price was very reasonable compared with others
Jason Goodsell
Jason Goodsell
We noticed termites in our house late one night. Sent an email to DPM and we had a member of staff at our house early the next morning. Without a doubt if it was not for the prompt service we would have had a much more significant issue with termite damage. Extra works were carried out to provide additional protection from termites and the work was neat and tidy. Throughly grateful for the prompt and efficient service from Defence Pest Management.