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Summer is the peak breeding season for many pests, especially cockroaches. Cockroaches and termites are two of the hardest pests to eliminate. Ants can be a problem as well.


What makes cockroaches so hard to eliminate is their ability to hide anywhere and everywhere throughout your house. They can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces and eat almost anything. You may see a cockroach appear in your lounge or kitchen but that doesn’t mean they are living in that specific location.

swamp rats cartoon 9349

Don’t underestimate what cockroaches can do!….Thanks to Gary Clark, Swamp Cartoons for the use of this cartoon.

Their capacity to breed almost knows no bounds, especially during summer. This just adds to the problem of eradicating them. You can purchase store-bought cockroach treatments which will kill some of the cockroach population. But how do you know where the entire cockroach population could be residing in your home?

The next question is: how much product do you need to buy to eradicate cockroaches? What may start out as a cheaper option to a full pest control service could transform into continuous purchase of ‘cheaper’ store-bought cockroach treatments and you still have cockroaches.

The best and most effective solution is to engage a licensed pest control technician. Firstly, their experience and training will be able to detect a cockroach infestation.

Secondly, they will treat every aspect of the house and attached garage in a far more detailed way than you would ever do.

Thirdly, our pest treatments are highly effective and far superior to store-bought ‘band-aid’ cockroach treatments. Store-bought cockroach treatments have their place in the overall eradication of cockroaches but should be used as a supplement to an annual pest control service.


termites defence pest management

Termites love moist timber to eat.

Termites can take up residence on a property and be unnoticed for years if there’s no annual termite inspection.

Innocuous things like a tree stump that has been cut down but not ground out and timber fences that have had garden or mulch build up against it can be the starter for termites to occupy a property.

You may be thinking that cutting a tree down solves the problem with regards to the issue the tree was creating. Leaving the stump can create a secondary issue. If the stump stays continuously moist or gets buried under soil or mulch this can provide an ideal food source for termites.

The stump begins to rot and the timber is moist and soft and under the protection of soil and mulch, termites can develop a colony in the tree stump and you’re completely unaware.

We highly recommend if you have a tree cut down by a professional tree lopper then complete the process and have the stump ground out. Yes, there’s an extra cost but what’s the cost if termites eat other timber structures on your property?

Timber fences are a case in point. It’s so easy for mulch, leaf litter or soil to back up against a fence. With most of our rain coming in the warmer months, the conditions are ripe for the base of timber fences to get wet and stay wet if it’s immersed in debris.

These moist timber palings at the base, just like a tree stump under mulch becomes a great food source for termites. Having the base submerged in debris you’re not going to know they’re eating the palings.

termite damage in timber fence
Termite damage in timber fence

Timber palings eaten by termites

If you have provided a food source for termites on your property and you’re unaware of their presence, the termite colony in time will look for alternative food sources. As they are in close proximity to your house, that become an obvious food source.

That’s when the presence of termites on your property can become a serious and expensive problem. However, termites can be treated and eradicated. Each termite infestation we discover has its own tailor made treatment plan. There are many variables to a termite infestation so that’s why we apply a unique plan to effectively eradicate termites.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having an annual termite inspection. This can be conducted alongside your annual pest control service and there’s a cost saving by doing both together.

Also, in the unfortunate event termites are discovered on your property, the treatment can begin on the spot. Our pest technician will carefully and considerately explain what he has discovered and give an informative treatment plan. Yes, it can be a shock to be told there are termites but it can be dealt with.


Ants, like cockroaches, are looking for food, water and shelter. Keeping debris such as leaf litter, timber, and excessive vegetation away from the house removes their ability to build a nest and breed close by.

Ants breed like….ants. They’re very busy procreaters and their desire to feed their offspring and provide shelter for them is a strong motivation to occupy your home!

Ants seem to have this uncanny sixth sense of knowing when rain is on its way long before a cumulus nimbus has formed and en masse are doing their walk through of your home!

swamp ants 6349

Thanks to Gary Clark of Swamp Cartoons for the use of his cartoon.

Summer for ants is a big season for them – breeding, trying to keep dry, and feeding a voluminous number of offspring.


Keeping your home clean and tidy on the inside and out will contribute to reducing the number of pests occupying your home or property. It is important to clean the kitchen after meals, especially after dinner.

It is tempting to leave dishes in the sink over night and not do a thorough cleaning of benches and table tops. This just becomes a food source for pests.

clean kitchen

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy is one measure to preventing pests from having a food source.


Summer is definitely the time to have your pest control and termite inspection done by qualified and experienced licensed technicians. The sooner the better!

We service Brisbane, Redlands, Logan City, Gold Coast North, Ipswich and Moreton Shire. Phone 1300 304 725 to book your pest control service and enquire about the savings of having a termite inspection done simultaneously.

licensed pest technicains
Licensed Pest Technicians

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