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About Us

Defence Pest Management is a family owned and run Brisbane-based pest company servicing from Ipswich in the West, to northern parts of the Gold Coast and up to Caboolture in the North.


Defence Pest Management brings unbeatable experience and superior technical expertise to the table, ensuring that the highest standards of service are continually met – and exceeded.

Our experience and expertise is broad and vast, encompassing:


Defence Pest Management is proud to be locally owned and operated, employing only people from the local region to service the surrounding areas.

Experienced, fully qualified technicians work in every one of our branches to ensure that we’re always able to meet all of our customers’ pest control management needs. Every member of our staff – including office personnel – receives ongoing training to maintain impeccable standards of service. When you call Defence Pest Management, your needs can be addressed immediately, no matter who picks up the line.


When tackling your pest problem, Defence Pest Management follows a specific process that helps ensure the complete eradication of the pest and a total solution to your problem.
  • STEP 1: Identification

    We identify the pest that is causing the problem in order to determine the correct course of action in solving the issue.

  • STEP 2: Thorough Inspection

    We look at the environment as a whole to find out the underlying causes.

  • STEP 3: Devising A Solution

    Depending on the pest that is involved, we then plot a course of action. It may be changing the immediate environment, it may be the implementation of chemical treated zones or the introduction of physical barriers or client education.

  • STEP 4: Implementing The Solution

    Once the proper course of action has been determined, we put our plan into action.

  • STEP 5: Preventive Measures

    If necessary, we advise you of preventive measures that you can employ to avoid recurring infestations. All customers should plan on having regular inspections done to prevent major incidents from occurring in the future.

Termite infestations make up a huge part of the work that we do here at Defence Pest Management. We have been using Sentricon systems for years – since 1998 – to help eradicate these incredibly destructive pests from homes and commercial buildings. There are many different termite control solutions available these days; different situations call for different strategies. Sometimes, a chemical solution is in order; other times, a termite barrier is the best bet. In some cases, a monitoring system or something like a baiting system may be in order, so that you can be alerted of a potential termite problem in its earliest stages. Just because your home is termite free right now doesn’t mean that it’s immune. Termites attack existing homes and buildings all the time, so regular inspections are critical. After inspecting the premises, Defence Pest Management can determine which termite solution is right for you. When building a new house or renovating an existing one, you should think about what kinds of termite prevention solutions to use in order to keep the problem at bay.

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