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mud trail shards
invasive termite inspection doolandella

The arrows are pointing to where the termites were active

Our client had an electrician drop by to install a new oven. Getting a new appliance installed is always a good feeling, right? Things didn’t quite go as planned.

Upon removing the old oven, the electrician discovered termites. He immediately downed tools and that shiny new appliance had to remain in its box for the time being. That good feeling up and went!

The homeowner contacted us and our pest technician, Brett, who is always keen to deal with termites was dispatched to deal with them. He has conducted so many termite inspections over his career that he is completely au fait with their habits.

Whilst the electrician had already made an opening in preparation for the new oven install, Brett had to remove more drywall to see the extent of the termite infestation. This is what is called an Invasive Termite Inspection.

open oven cavity revealed termites

Where it all started. Once the oven was removed, the electrician saw evidence of termites. Time to down tools and walk away!


The Invasive Termite Inspection revealed the extent of damage. The infestation and damage were mostly concealed so the homeowner had no idea there were any termites.

The kitchen looked neat, clean and, well-maintained but what lay behind the tiles, pantry, and appliances was another story.

As Brett cut drywall in the pantry and other areas, the full extent of the infestation came to light. Whilst the termites were discovered behind the oven, the termites had snaked their way to the pantry and around the wastewater stack enclosed in the pantry to the tiled wall behind the bench and stovetop.

drywall cut for termite inspection

Drywall had to be cut to gain access so the full extent of the termite infestation could be determined.

Termites build mud trails to travel through to keep cool and protect themselves from predators. Once you see a mud trail, you know its termites. These mud trails are throughout the photos.

mud trails termite infestation

Mud trails are the evidence of a termite infestation

mud trails around downpipe

Mud trails rising up the support structure around the downpipe for wastewater.

mud trail shards

These shards are broken mud trails.


Brett carried out a foam treatment to eradicate the termites. The termite barrier was out of date so the client booked that in to get reinstated. Brett will follow up at that time to ensure the active termites have been eradicated.

Whilst it was an unpleasant experience to discover you have termites enjoying free board and lodgings, having a new oven installed did save the day. Left unchecked, the termites could have done some structural damage. The client dodged that bullet.

Brett defence pest management capalaba 4157

Our Pest Technician, Brett is a termite expert in locating them and importantly, eradicating them.


With regards to termites, it is best to err on the side of caution and have regular inspections. With the wet summer we have experienced, this is prime breeding time.

Call today to book a termite inspection. Ph: 1300 304 725.

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