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Dealing with Norway Rats

norway rat

One of the most dangerous pests that could infest your home or business is the Norway rat. This rodent is considered to be the largest of the pest species, weighing around half of a kilogram as it reaches adulthood. This pest is a good climber and swimmer, so you can expect it to be very good at surviving in worse types of environments such as a garbage dump or the sewers. What makes infestation worse is that this rat tends to reproduce quite fast, making around 6 litters every year, with each litter averaging 8 to 10.

If your property is suffering from infestation from Norway rats, our pest specialists at Defence Pest Management can bring you the best solution to your pest problem.

Identifying the Problem

Norway rats can cause serious problems in your property. Although they prefer quiet and undisturbed places, they will forage on human food if they get the chance. They are known to infest food factories, supermarkets, farms, garbage dumps and any other place that can provide them with food, water and security. Norway rats are omnivorous, so they can eat anything that people eat.

If you happen to spot Norway rats on your property, whether through droppings, gnawed items or if you physically spot the pests, it will be best to contact us for professional pest inspections. Our thorough pest inspection of your property will give you an accurate assessment of the existing problem in the premises. A bigger infestation may be lurking in the dark, but with pest inspection, you will have a good idea of the extent of the problem.

Pest Control

At Defence Pest Management, we can provide you with the best solution to take care of Norway rat infestation. Always, the first part of controlling any type of pests is sanitation, which will stop the supply of food and water to the pests. We will also make sure that there are no available entries for the rats to come from the outside. Adult rodents may be physically trapped and captured to diminish the population of the pest. In other cases, it will be necessary for us to use chemical fumigation and control to eliminate the Norway rat population.

We only provide the best professional pest control services, so you can rest assured that your Norway rat problem will be dealt with in no time. We only use the latest technology in inspection services as well as in pest control and management.