Defence Pest Management


Get Tough on Pests

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You can detect the presence of critters in your home if you know where to look. The problem is that it can take some time before you realise that those critters have caused damage to your home. The one sure way to determine if you have a pest problem is by hiring a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your entire home.

You can control pests by using store-bought do-it-yourself products. However, putting baits here and there is a minor solution to what could probably be a bigger problem. In addition, the chance of the pest problem recurring or you failing to solve a significant portion of the problem is very high. A pest control expert will come in handy if the pest problem in your home can no longer be managed and controlled through do-it-yourself methods alone.

Defence Pest Management offers treatments for various types of common pests, including termites, rodents, bees, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bird lice, and more. One of the company’s technicians will identify the pests that are causing problems to your home and recommend a good solution. If you are purchasing or selling a property and you need expert pest inspections performed on it, then avail of the company’s competitively priced real estate services.

Full Pest Management Services

Defence Pest Management will help you from start to finish. The company employs a comprehensive systematic method that entails pest prevention implementation, continuous monitoring, baiting and regular meticulous inspections. The company’s team of experts will execute the pest control plan and confirm that the pests have been successfully eradicated.

The company distinguishes itself in the competitive market for pest control by including prevention methods, not just treatments for pest problems, in its service portfolio.

Advance Technology

Tried and test technology is used to make sure the building inspection is detailed and that potential problems will be detected quickly and efficiently. The company uses as little invasive technology as possible in its inspections to limit damage to the home. Being on the cutting edge of pest control technology, allows the company to provide the best service possible.

Customer Service

Services are provided by highly experienced and courteous technicians. In addition, the company offers excellent customer service, from start to finish, whatever type of assistance the customer needs.