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Whilst there can be some division between a tenant and landlord who is responsible for pest control, there is complete agreement it needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Ideally, for a landlord or property manager who is listing a property for rental, you want to present the property as neat, clean, fresh, and pest free.

When a tenant moves out is the ideal time to have the property undergo a complete pest control service. We appreciate that a pest control service is needed promptly so the property can be let as soon as possible. Please inform us your pest control service is for a rental property and we will give your request priority.

To maintain the regular cycle of pest control services, you can negotiate who pays for future pest control services during the tenancy and have this documented in the tenancy agreement.


One aspect of real estate pest control that landlords, property managers, and body corporates all need to pay close attention to is the need for annual termite inspections. Whether it be a house, unit block or townhouse complex annual termite inspections are essential.

For body corporates and property managers who manage unit blocks, we offer to do pest control for residents while our staff is on-site doing termite inspections. This ensures that the pest control for the complex is maintained and it’s convenient for the residents too.

termite inspections


If you are needing Real Estate Pest Control, please call us during business hours at 1300 304 725 and we will happily book a pest control service and/or termite inspection for the property you manage and promptly organise the service.


One aspect of real estate pest control we are known for is thorough Pest Inspections for real estate purchases. We work in conjunction with our sister company, Twinspectors for all real estate purchase inspections.

As a team, two inspectors attend a property so there is one inspector for the building aspect and one for the pest side. With just one phone call, we can organise two inspectors to be on site promptly and on time.

The result – a client receives the most thorough building and pest inspection reports on the market. The reports are emailed same day as the inspection and once we have received payment.

The phone numbers for both inspectors are on the reports so if you have any queries, you are most welcome to call them. Also, we welcome the real estate buyer to attend the inspection and we can explain any issues that we have uncovered and the severity of those issues


We attended a building and pest inspection at Boondall where there was an active termite infestation. Immediately we notified the real estate agent handling the sale who in turn notified the homeowner.

They were completely unaware they had termites and didn’t know what to do. Our Pest Inspector spoke with the homeowner about the extent of the infestation. Because he came in his work vehicle the Pest Inspector had all the termite treatment applications on hand to commence immediate treatment.

The homeowner agreed to pay for the full cost of the termite treatment which was going to take several months for the infestation to be completely eradicated. It was a complete relief for the homeowner, the termite infestation was going to be dealt with starting that very day!

Our Pest Inspector was able to explain the extent of the termite infestation to the real estate buyer and give complete assurance this infestation had done limited damage. The Pest Inspector knew that he could completely eradicate the termites and the damage to the property was all completely repairable.

This was proof that we had done our job well – discovered a termite infestation, commenced immediate treatment and the sales contract was able to proceed. Conversations with both buyer and seller allayed all fears and gave proper perspective about the termite infestation. This is what a very good pest inspector does.

Our building and pest inspection service area extends across the Greater Brisbane Area, Moreton Bay Region, Redlands, Logan, Gold Coast (North), and Ipswich.

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real estate pest inspection


Our costs vary from $420 for a small unit to $565 for a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom property. If the property is larger than this, the price varies accordingly. Bear in mind, that this is the price for both the building and pest inspections.

We can provide an exact price over the phone once we know the property and land size.

Phone 1300 304 725  for an inspection price and make a booking.

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