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annual termite inspection kenmore 4069

Termites are a very nasty pest that can cause significant damage and an expensive repair bill if left unchecked. We encourage our clients to have an annual termite inspection when having their pest control service done.

Prevention and handy tips from our Pest Inspectors can guide you to maintain your property well.

When conducting an annual termite inspection at Kenmore, our Pest Inspector was scouring every inch of the dwelling and property looking for evidence of active or past termite activity.

Knowing that moisture in a home is a real attraction for termites, our Pest Inspector especially checks in and around wet areas – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

He noticed there was mould appearing on the ceiling beneath a bathroom. Was it from a past leak that has been fixed or is there still an active leak?

Hi-tech Equipment for Annual Termite Inspections

One way to check is to pull apart the plaster. But that can prove to be problematic on many levels. The most effective, non-invasive way is to use some hi-tech equipment called Tramex Moisture Encounter and the expensive Thermal Imaging Camera.

Not all pest control companies have this equipment as part of their kit due to the expense. We believe, if you are going to do a job do it well. We want you to have the most thorough annual termite inspection on the market.

Using the Tramex Moisture Encounter, it can read the moisture level through a number of mediums – timber, masonry, tile, plaster, drywall, and roofing. Giving a reading of 25 in the high redline zone was indicative of an active leak.

annual termite inspection kenmore 4069
Annual termite inspection Kenmore 4069

The Thermal Imaging Camera can also detect moisture but where it comes into its own is it can detect termites by their heat mass. Collectively, termites can emit a mass of 36C. It was a relief to see that this very sensitive camera confirmed there was no heat mass detected.

Using both pieces of technology gave this data:

  1. Both confirmed there was moisture
  2. There were no active termites
  3. The reading from the Moisture Encounter showed there was an active leak and a high degree of moisture
hi tech equipment for annual termite inspections
Hi-tech equipment for annual termite inspections

Our Pest Inspector provided the client with clear-cut evidence there was an active water leak from the above bathroom and in so doing has probably spared the homeowner from potential termite infestation.

Moist timber for termites is like ice cream for kids – they just love it!

It’s not pleasant being told you have an issue with your home but uncovering it before the cost to fix grows significantly is definitely a win. Also, having mould in your home is never a good thing, and getting that issue addressed is another win.

Being able to provide this information to our client is a cut above what some other termite inspection companies provide.

It almost seems counter-intuitive that a Pest Inspector for an annual termite inspection tells you there’s a leak in your bathroom. That’s what’s awesome about what we do.

Another good day in preventing a termite infestation!

Book an Annual Termite Inspection

It’s cost-effective to book an annual termite inspection along with your pest control. Separately, it costs $265 for annual termite inspection and when combined with your annual pest control it’s *$329 so that is good value.

Call us today on 1300 304 725 to book an annual termite inspection. You may just find out about a leak!

(*This price is for an average size home. We can provide a price specific to your property when you make the booking.)

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