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termite inspections fall short

It is not an uncommon occurrence that we are called upon to do termite/pest inspections because it has to come to light that a previous inspector missed the presence of termites or pests.

We have two cases in hand. Here is the first one.

Active Termites

We had one of our real estate agents call asking if we could look at some active termites found in a window frame in a property ready to list. In a pre-sale building and pest inspection, their building and pest inspector told them there was termite damage but confined to the window frame. Not a major problem, so they organised for a tradesman to fix it.

When the tradies began work on the window frame, they saw active termites so they downed tools until they knew what to do.

We are noted for our thorough inspections as we use expensive and hi-tech equipment that can detect presence of termites behind walls. Using Thermal imaging which detects the heat mass of termites (they emit heat mass of 36C) and radar technology with a Termatrac they discovered lots of termite activity.

Also, two termite nests were found in the yard that weren’t noted in the previous inspector’s report.

We can report the termites were treated and a follow-up inspection 14 days later was completed to ensure all termites were exterminated.

termite inspections fall short

Termite Inspection Fail No: 2

We carried out a pre-sale building and pest inspection for a client, who also had a barrier done with us before listing their property for sale.

They then bought a property in Carina which also had a pre-sale building and pest inspection done. We wish to note, this was a different company to the one described in the first story.

The client called us because he found our sticker in the meter box and needed some advice as one of their trades had found active termites in a window frame.

We have been looking after this property for several years, having installed a barrier and Sentricon stations as it had been a difficult site. It was due for an annual termite inspection and Sentricon renewal but the owner elected not to pay for the inspection or maintain the Sentricon stations.

What was concerning from our perspective, was the pest inspection he got, did not mention any of the termite damage that we have previously found and documented in our reports to the owner over the last couple of years.

Our clients didn’t realise what they were buying as the owner did not disclose anything to them. Also, the seller engaged a pest inspector who did not report obvious termite damage in the garage roof.

We all know a real estate purchase is a big deal – in most cases it’s going to be your home. Of course, you want home to be safe and an enjoyable place to live and not in deep concern about potential issues.

 It almost goes without saying, this was a frustrating and stressful experience for our clients, the buyers.

Not All Pest Inspection Companies Are The Same

These incidents highlight failures of two pest inspection companies. Key errors come to light:

  1. Not being thorough – the first pest inspector either did not check for the source of the termites in the yard or did a cursory inspection. The same could be said for the second inspector when it came to the garage. We don’t know how he could have possibly missed the termite damage there.
  2. Not having hi-tech equipment. It’s not a requirement by the QBCC to use a thermal imaging camera or a moisture detector for inspections. Some inspection companies don’t invest in the technology that we have due to its expense to purchase, being trained how to use it, and maintaining it. Hi-tech equipment allows a pest inspector to see behind the walls and give a true picture of the scale of a termite infestation.

What sets us apart is our experience, good training, attention to detail and hi-tech equipment. We go ABOVE the standards set by QBCC. We have invested time and money to ensure we are state of the art in all our pest inspections.

We believe you need all these components to conduct a thorough pest inspection and prove an accurate report. We set ourselves and our staff a high standard because this is what you deserve.

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