Defence Pest Management


The Dangers of Timber Pests


According to research by State Forestry, 1 in 3 homes will have some form of timber pest damage. That is quite a scary stat – what it means, in principle, is that you or at least one of your colleagues could have timber pests in the home right now.

What’s so Bad about a Few Bugs?

It depends on the type of bug really, doesn’t it? After all, having a few ants running around the house is annoying but not really dangerous. Termites, however, are estimated to cause in the region of $80 million worth of damage annually!

The cost for the homeowner can also be quite scary – in advanced cases, repairs can be upwards of $100 000.

The problem with termites and other timber pests is that they are pretty good at hiding out. You are not likely to even know that there is a problem until it becomes pretty bad. They live inside the wood in your home and eat it from the inside out – if left to get out of control, they can destroy the structure of your home without you even knowing about it.

The fact is, once they get settled, they stay put. They don’t scuttle across the kitchen looking for food – the wood has what they need.

Not Just Structural Damage

Other timber pests such as fungi can not only damage the structure of the home but also make it unsafe to live in. Fungi release spores that can aggravate allergies or even cause severe respiratory problems.

How to Spot Trouble

Unless you have X-ray vision or an extremely highly developed sense of smell, you are going to need some specialised help to make sure that you are not the ‘1 in 3’ homeowners with a timber pest problem.

That’s where Defence Pest Management comes in – they make use of a combination of the latest technology and the inspector’s own experience to ensure that your house is thoroughly inspected.

Invasive techniques are only used as a last resort, so you don’t have to worry about the inspector drilling holes into your home.

They can also offer an end to end solution to any pest problems encountered – including eradicating the pests and providing you with tips about preventing outbreaks in future.

At Defence Pest Management, they believe that prevention is the best way to defend your home from pests – they work with you for a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix.