Defence Pest Management


What to Expect in Comprehensive Reports

Every time your property undergoes a building and pest inspection, our technicians from Defence Pest Management will provide you with the findings on the condition of the property and any occurrence of pest infestations through a comprehensive report. An electronic copy of the report may be sent out and another hard copy will be provided to the party that has requested the inspection.

How We Conduct Pest Inspections

Since our aim at Defence Pest Management is to help property owners maintain their homes by getting rid of pests and preventing potential infestations, we thoroughly search every room of the house and all accessible areas including subfloors and roof spaces. Pests that linger inside buildings don’t make it easy for humans to find them, so they will hide in places that are not frequented by human residents.

Their hiding areas also usually provide them with the most ideal condition for survival, allowing them to continue growing in number without being noticed. Our inspectors, with the use of the newest technology in pest inspection, will look through all possible locations of nests and colonies, and note telltale signs of infestations that could lead to where the pests could be hiding.

Details That You Will Find in the Report

Our comprehensive report will have a checklist of the areas that have been accessed and inspected by our technicians. The condition of the structure during the time of inspection will also be documented. Some areas that we will inspect for pest activity are:

Interior Areas

  • All accessible rooms
  • Roof void
  • Subfloor

Inspection in the interior area will likewise include the inspection of walls, doors, windows and other parts of the home interior, especially those that are made of timber.

Exterior Areas

  • Lawn or yard
  • Objects in the yard that may be susceptible to infestation
  • Exterior structures that are part of the property

The report will include any potential threat or risk of infestations as well, such as the presence of decaying wood in nearby surroundings or other timber objects lying around your yard that could attract pests into your property.

If we have handled or are aware of previous pest treatments conducted on your property, this may be detailed in the report as a reference.

Most importantly, if pest activities have been detected in your property, the report will include the most effective method of pest treatment and management that our team can recommend for getting rid of the pests found in your home.