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What You Will Find In Comprehensive Reports

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When a pest inspection is carried out by Defence Pest Management, a comprehensive report will be provided as a reference on the findings of our inspector. Comprehensive inspection reports are given to clients so you will have a detailed overview of what to expect if you purchase a home and to help you make an informed decision. In these cases, it is recommended that you opt for an inspection before you acquire a property to make sure you will not need to spend more on structural repairs.

If you already own the property, the building inspection report will help you keep track of the condition of your home and any pest activities in the past. This allows you to have a better understanding of the risks of infestation and the ways you can address them.

What Is Included in the Report?

During the inspection, our team will note down every problem and all other findings they have about the property, including the current condition and the possible risks of future infestations. After the inspection is completed, these findings will be documented in the comprehensive report.

For pest inspections, the report will include the details of any significant damage caused by infestations of termites and other pests. The activities of pests that affect the structure, as well as their access points and degree of damage if left untreated may also be noted down. The potential risk of future infestations and the possible entry points, whether indoors or outdoors, will also be included in the report.

Next Steps After Obtaining the Inspection Report

Once the cause of damage has been identified by Defence Pest Management, specifically the type of pests causing the damage, we will suggest a plan of action that can be undertaken to control the pests and treat the infestation.

The solution can vary from the use of chemical barriers such as liquid termiticides, or using the baiting method to get rid of an entire colony. The type of treatment will also depend on the type of pests, as well as how they are known to react to specific methods.

The course of action will then be implemented and the treatment can be reapplied as often as necessary, but in most cases, it can last for several years.

In addition, we will let you know of further risks and recommend measures to prevent pests from coming back. We also advise you that you keep your inspections up-to-date and conducted at least once a year to ensure that hidden problems are not missed out.