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How to Get Rid of Wasps

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Wasps are commonly feared for their vicious sting. Homeowners are always concerned for the removal of these creatures for more safety especially for young children in the house. Different types of wasps have different types of stings and therefore, different methods are required to control them. Brisbane termite control services are extremely efficient in this regard. The various types of wasps include solitary wasp, paper wasp, bald-faced hornet and yellow jacket wasp. There are effective methods to get rid of the different types of wasps as well as their nests. The type of wasp killer used usually depends upon where the nest is.

If it is a solitary wasp that needs to be dealt with, it requires citrus oil extracts. These extracts kill solitary wasps quickly and get the premises free of such problems. Paper wasps are generally classified as pests only when they create a nest in an area which is densely populated by humans. The best way to get rid of paper wasps is to use pressurized spraying of wasp killer on the nest to kill the entire bulk in one time. Their nests are very much in the same structure as that of a honeycomb nest. It is best if the treatment is done at night and the nest is left overnight to enhance the complete effect of the treatment. The bald faced hornets are the most fearsome looking wasps that live in large aerial nests. One is most susceptible to an encounter with a bald faced hornet between dusk and dawn. A pressurized wasp killer is the most effective method to deal with bald faced hornets. However, a certain distance needs to be maintained when dealing with them to avoid any mishaps. When the wasp killer is sprayed, it must be insured that it is done directly inside the entrance of the nest. Another type of wasp is the yellow jacket wasp. These wasps are quite territorial and aggressive and can be easily identified by their thick waists and bright yellow patterns. They are known to protect their nests with their lives and do not hesitate to bite and sting their way to ensuring complete safety. Their sting is mildly poisonous and burns a lot. The way to get rid of yellow jacket wasps primarily requires enough poison to be pumped into the nest to counter the wasps’ poison.

Wasp stings can be highly dangerous if not only uncomfortable. Hence, it is important to ensure that all premises are checked for such dangers. Pest inspections in Brisbane are well equipped to detect any traces of wasps and to deal with them accordingly.