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Spray and Pray Pest Control Method

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Decades ago, when you call exterminators to get rid of pest problems, pest control companies would just come to your home spraying toxic pesticides. At that time, it was considered as the most effective way of managing pests. This does not include the treatment of the outdoor areas though. Question is, does spraying alone do the trick?

With years of going through trial and error, we have discovered that in order to deliver safer and more effective ways of eradicating pests, we need to understand what we are up against. This knowledge has been acquired through years of research on where pests live, how they live, how they survive, what they eat and everything else that we can find out about them. Then we use this knowledge to come up with an effective and safe pest management solution.

The pest management programs today are designed to target areas where pests breed as well as where they enter homes and establishments. A new technique that most pest management companies offer is to focus on the eradication of pests outside of homes and structures to minimise the chances of pests entering the premises. One thing that makes this even safer is that it reduces the necessity of having to use any pesticide that can likely cause harmful effects on the health of everyone in the household.

This is exactly what pest management companies like Defence Pest Management do. Our technicians are trained in various methods of pest control that are most effective for specific pests. For inquiries, call us on 1300 304 725 or book online.