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Fleas in your Home

Defence Pest Management Homeless Cat with Fleas

Fleas are external parasites that are shiny and reddish brown in colour. Although they do not have wings, fleas have the ability to jump long distances. Your cat or dog can bring fleas into your home, but so can you. While working in the yard, fleas can jump on you and ride all the way back to your house. When you have pets, maintaining a flea-free home and yard can be quite a challenge. But there are ways to spot them and to get rid of them before a flea infestation takes over your yard and home.

How to Detect Fleas

Fleas crawl on the skin of their hosts. If you notice your cat or dog scratching more than usual, fleas are probably the culprits. You will see fleas running and trying to hide when you part your pet’s fur.

You can use a special flea comb to collect fleas from your pet’s hair. Start combing areas where fleas are usually found, including your pet’s head, near the ears, and near the tail and under the legs. The right way to use a flea comb is to swiftly run it backwards through the hair. Before using a flea comb, you need to be prepared to get rid of the live fleas that will be trapped between the teeth of the comb. Do this by immediately dipping the comb into a bowl with a solution of liquid dish soap dissolved in a small amount of water.

To spot fleas on your body, put on a pair of white knee-high socks and walk around your house. White clothing seems to attract fleas. Plus, fleas’ dark colour makes them easier to spot on a white background.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Using a special flea comb is not enough to eradicate these annoying parasites completely. Flea infestations should be dealt with by using multifaceted treatment plans, encompassing both chemical and physical methods. The treatment should be applied both to your pets and the inside and outside of your home.

Be vigilant in examining your pets for fleas regularly. Catching fleas early will enable you to take action immediately. If the treatment calls for chemical use, it is best to call for professional help. An expert on fleas will have the training and the right equipment to handle your pest problem. In addition, your termites professional will readily give you advice on ways to prevent fleas from invading your home in the future.