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Build Your Own Stink Bug Traps

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A stink bug trap is an effective way to eliminate stink bugs, also known as the brown marmorated stink bug. The traps are inexpensive and easy to make at home. It is important to get rid of these insects immediately because they emit a horrible odour. Their ability to emit an odour through holes in their abdomen is a defence mechanism intended to keep birds and lizards at bay. However, the release of the odour can easily be triggered by simply touching the bug, injuring it or attempting to move it.

Homemade stink bug traps are not elaborate and can be made by even the least handy person. The traps can easily be put together using common household materials and resources. Here are some do-it-yourself stink bug traps.

Fruit Traps

Stink bugs eat only fruit and vegetables. You can use a fruit, such as an apple, as bait in your trap. Put one or more pieces of apple on a plate or bowl in a place where a stink bug can easily smell the aroma of the apple. The bugs will flock towards the fruit in order to suck the juice out of it. While the bugs are busy sucking, you can use a vacuum to suck up the bugs. Alternatively, you can place a domed lid over the fruit dish to trap the bugs and manually dispose of the entire trap in a trash receptacle. You can also place the fruit on or next to a strip of fly paper or any adhesive. The bugs will become stuck to the adhesive, and you can then throw it away in the trash bin.

Light Traps

Stink bugs are drawn to light. You can use sources of light to trap stink bugs. Turn off all the sources of light in your home and just leave the one where you intended to set a trap. For example, place an adhesive tape on a lamp to ensnare the bugs, or you can line the lamp with chemical substances such as dish soap, which can kill these bugs.

You can even use both traps at the same time. Arrange a fruit bowl and brighten it up using a lamp.

Aside from being inexpensive, homemade stink bug traps are also friendly to the environment. The traps can be used more than once and they do not pose any harm to the environment, unlike pesticide spray.

Getting rid of stink bugs is easy. However, neglect could lead to a serious infestation. In this case, check with your pest inspection expert for advice and recommendation on how to deal with a stink bug infestation.