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termite damage in timber fence palings

With the warm weather upon us and we’re more active in the garden and yard, now is the opportune time to check your timber fences.

Timber fences have a shelf life so it’s important to check the entire perimeter of your property for any signs of decay in your fences. That said, a ‘stitch in time can save nine’ comes to mind. Replacing one or two slats or support uprights that have deteriorated can extend the overall lifespan of the timber fence.

It’s easy for mulch or leaf litter to amalgamate against a fence. Time to pull out the rake from the garden shed and clear the debris from the fence!

Timber fences can maintain their structural integrity when they are wet from rain or watering provided the slats can completely dry. When mulch, soil or leaf litter accumulate at the base of the slats they stay moist for long periods of time or never completely dry out.

Two issues can arise here. The first is the life of the timber fence has been shortened which is an added expense.

The second is potentially the most damaging for the entire property. Moist timber surrounded by debris is prime food for termites.

Once they have eaten the moist timber slats they start looking for another food source. That’s where the real issue of termites comes.


When termites are searching for food, they are looking for the nearest food source. As they are already on your property, the potential nearest food source is your home or other outdoor structures such as pergolas, play equipment, cubby house or any other timber structure.

If termites find an access point to your house they begin their path of destruction. Simple things like gardens or shrubs, timber, debris such as leaf litter or other items butting up against your home can create a moist environment and become a prime way for termites to gain entry.

Home maintenance is not just for the interior of your home, it is equally important to have a neat, clean environment on all your outdoor areas.

There needs to be a barrier between your home and the garden. Termites don’t survive in the heat so if you create a pebble barrier between the wall of your home and garden this ‘hot bed’ will deter termites. They won’t travel over hot, dry pebbles to access a potential food source.

pebble barrier


If you have discovered evidence of decay in your timber fence and are not sure if it’s termite damage or decay, please contact us to book a termite inspection. Our pest technician will inspect your entire property looking for termites. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Our pest technician will also provide helpful tips on how best to maintain your home to prevent termites from accessing your home. Call today: 1300 304 725

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