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termite damage wall structure
termite damage algester 4115.
termite damage Algester 4115

Left unchecked, termites can do a lot of damage to the internal framework of a house. This home at Algester is a case in point.

While conducting a termite inspection, our pest technician uncovered a lot of termite activity and damage. Some main support timber beams show evidence of being eaten out and no longer have the integrity to carry the load they were designed for.

termite mud structures
Termite mud structures

Termites build mud structures to travel through to keep cool and protect themselves from predators. This allows them to travel safely to and from the nest. Where are they travelling to?….. food sources which is timber.

 There are plenty of mud structures or ‘mudding’ suggesting they’ve been active quite a while. It takes time to build and develop these mud corridors.

termite damage wall structure
Termite damage wall structure


Being in a sub-tropical climate, we have ideal conditions for termites to infest a property to find food sources and breed. Regular showers and thunderstorms have been keeping things moist.

Termites love damp, moist timber and they’re actively looking for this food source. Where can this be located on your property? In several places; some of these are in plain sight.

  • Fencing. Just about everybody has fencing around their property. We see it every day but do we actually look at it? Timber fence palings that have soil or mulch stacked against the base of the palings resulting in them never drying out. That’s the problem – always staying damp. This is just what termites love – damp, moist timber! This becomes an invitation to take up residence on your property.

Take the time to check your timber fences, especially at the base and clear away any material buildup. This simple maintenance could not only extend the life of your fence but also prevent termites from occupying your property. Prevention costs so little compared to remediation.

termite damage fence palings
Termite damage fence palings

(termite damage fence palings)

  • Tree stumps cut down and not bored out. It’s easy for mulch or leaf litter to cover them over time. Once again, these stumps will stay moist and become a potential food source for termites. Tree surgeons will recommend that a tree have its roots bored out to eliminate the risk of the tree re-growing. We recommend having a tree stump bored out to eliminate the risk of termites making it a food source.
  • Having soil, mulch, leaf litter or debris against the walls of your home can provide that secure access termites need. This haven keeps them cool and out of view of predators and by stealth invade your home. Once again, clear soil and debris away from your walls. Where you have gardens adjoining your home, apply a deep layer of pebbles between the wall and the soil. Termites won’t travel over a pebble barrier.
  • Thunderstorms can cause damage to your roof. You may see branches in your yard after a storm. The question you need to ask yourself is – did this hit my roof before falling into the yard? It could have potentially cracked a tile. A cracked or loose tile can lead to roof leaks. Having timber that is being wet regularly can attract termites.
leaking roof
leaking roof

(leaking roof)

If you have seen a lot of debris in your property and street after a storm, it would be wise to have your roof checked by a professional roofing company. They will take photos of any cracked or broken tiles as confirmation of what they have seen.

The cost of this repair will be minor compared to if termites gnaw away at the timber roof structure. Roofing structure is always a big ticket item in a house build and repairing it is the same. Remember, Insurance companies do not pay out for termite damage.


We regularly express the need to keep your home clean and tidy to prevent pests and rodents from finding food sources in your home. The same equally applies to your yard and gardens. We’re not clean freaks. It’s just we see what happens when simple maintenance, tidiness, and cleanliness are not applied. Not to harp, but prevention is ALWAYS  cheaper than remediation.


We advocate to our clients to have an annual termite inspection when they have their pest control service. There’s a cost saving to have both done at the same time. This property at Algester is just one reason for having an annual termite inspection. When you see what we see we are putting your best interests at the forefront by making this recommendation.

If termites are detected, a treatment plan can be devised and acted upon immediately.

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