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Don’t Let Termites Take You Down

Defence Pest Management Termites Eating a Tree

“You have termites” is a sentence that no home owner wants to hear. There are two types of termites that can be found in Queensland homes, but in this article we will concentrate on the more common of the two, the Subterranean termite. These are also known as white ants and once they make their way into your home they can be incredibly destructive.

Statistics on the rise

The first thing you should know about these creepy crawlies is that you need protection of your home from them. Recent surveys show that of the properties that are not protected from termites, a third succumbs to their damaging ways.

This likelihood is even further increased with the new laws changing the kinds of chemicals that are allowed to treat construction materials used in homes and buildings. The damage caused to homes by Subterranean termites in Australia is more than fire, flood and storms combined.

What’s their MO?

Generally found in the ground they sometimes build nests above ground where there is moisture. Leaking pipes, shower recesses and damaged gutters are just a few of the perfect hiding places. Sometimes the design of your home can make it even easier for them to enter.

They get about by way of mud shelter tubes that offer protection from predators and the much needed moisture they survive on. These guys will make their way into your home any way they can.

Through cracks in concrete foundations, expansion joints, in-fill patios and fire heaths and more. They will even travel underneath your flooring in order to get to the tasty framing timber of your home.

Small in shape, big on damage

Even though these termites are very small, the damage they can cause should not be underestimated. These little terrors are capable of demolishing the roofing and wall timbers of a home in as little as three months from the time of construction.

Their tunnels can reach a distance of up to 100 meters from their nest, which allows them plenty of opportunity to get busy and take your home or business apart. This is why it is so important to ensure all building materials are treated correctly.

In addition, it is vitally important to hire expert termite control, such as our team at Defense Pest Management, to keep your property safe long after it has been built. At Defense Pest Management we can regularly check your home with state of the art equipment to stop any problems from occurring.