Defence Pest Management


Controlling Pests in the Home

Defence Pest Management Spider at Home

Termites are an insidious problem in Australia today – just because your home doesn’t have any yet, doesn’t mean that they can’t move in at any time. Defence Pest Management will help provide you with a start to finish solution when it comes to termites and other pests.

If you are looking for reliable pest control, you really only have one option – Defence Pest Management – Brisbane’s trusted name in pest control for the last twenty years.

What Makes them so Good?

Customer service is considered key and so the staff are handpicked to give you the best service possible. They undergo regular training to ensure that they are completely up to date on developments in the pest management field.

The Latest Technology

Only the very best in tried and tested technology will do – You can rest assured that your building inspection will be thorough and that potential problems will be picked up quickly and efficiently.

Inspections are carried out with the use of as little invasive technology as possible – leaving no lasting damage to your home.

The Next Step

Should there be no problems, all is good and well, but the team will also advise you on maintaining that great state of affairs by pointing potential weak points in your home’s defences when it comes to pest management.

Should a problem be found, the team will speak to you about a plan to eradicate the problem and prevent its recurrence.

From Start to Finish

The team will then set that plan into motion and confirm that the treatment plan was successful.

The Treatment

The treatment will depend on the nature and extent of the problem. This may include chemical solutions or baiting treatments – leave that in the hands of the experts.

Services Offered

The services offered include:

    1. Real Estate Services (Pre-purchase building inspections.)
    2. Pest Eradication and Removal
    3. Pest Identification
    4. Baiting and Monitoring
    5. Comprehensive Reports
    6. Sentricon Systems

These services are offered for both residential and business properties.

As mentioned previously, this is a complete start to finish service – not only will they help you to identify and eradicate pests, but they will help you to prevent them from returning.

Dealing with a professional and experienced team is the key when it comes to pest management. Half-hearted or well-intentioned efforts are not likely to get the job done properly and can, in the case of termites, simply cause them to move into another part of your home, thus causing further damage.