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Why Your DIY Approach Won’t Kill The Roach

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Cockroaches are definitely a nuisance in the house. Who would ever want to live with these pests inside their home? Being nocturnal creatures, you may not even see them until the skies are dark, but at first sight, you will just want to get rid of them. You might even be tempted to squish and smash them with anything you can grab in your hand the moment you see one.

However, that does not really solve the problem. Some of our customers at Defence Pest Management have also mentioned the use do-it-yourself solutions to get rid of cockroaches, but most of the time, these solutions don’t work as they expect them to.

Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control

Cockroach Baits

A DIY cockroach control solution we often hear from people is the use of baits. Much like how ant baits work, the bait is used so that the cockroaches will take the poison to their nest. The cockroach that has eaten the bait will leave the droppings in their nest and other cockroaches that have come in contact with it will eventually die.

There are ready-to-use cockroach baits from the market and homemade baits. However, this method can take weeks and does not guarantee that you can completely get rid of large infestations since the roaches will just continue laying eggs.


Roach traps are much like an easier alternative to squishing a cockroach since you can just leave the trap in areas frequented by cockroaches and wait for them to get in the trap. But, just like what happens when you step on a cockroach, the cockroach trap will only get rid of those that come out while the rest of the nest can continue to multiply.


Perhaps the most common of all DIY control solutions, insecticides are meant to poison and kill crawling and flying cockroaches. If you find the entries to the nest of the cockroaches or the location of their nest, you can also directly spray them with the insecticide.

But while insecticides do work for eliminating roaches in larger numbers, it still does not guarantee to clear the infestation. In most cases, homeowners are not aware of infestations until they begin seeing cockroaches in broad daylight and even then, they may not actually be able to locate the nest.

Effective Pest Treatment

To really get to the bottom of the problem, you may want to have your property inspected for cockroach infestations. Our team at Defence Pest Management will be happy to help you track down the nest of cockroaches and other pests in your home and provide you with a safe and effective treatment method.

Unlike DIY pest control, treatments carried out by qualified pest inspectors and technicians are guaranteed to keep homes pest-free for longer periods. You can also opt for regular pest inspections to ensure that no new types of pests have begun invading your home.