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Why Keeping Your House Clean is Important

Keeping Your House Clean and Pest Control

So you’re probably wondering why a pest control company is giving you advice about why keeping your house clean is important. Without sounding like your mother, here are some key reasons why keeping your house clean is important:

  1. Cockroaches are a very common pest in Queensland and it’s their eating habits and nocturnal behaviour that can cause them to thrive if your home is not clean. Like many Queenslanders, they like beer and meat amongst other things! Don’t be tempted to leave empties on the kitchen bench overnight.
  2. Speaking of the kitchen bench, any crumbs, or a skerrick of butter that remain on your kitchen bench overnight become a food source for roaches. When it comes to plates and cutlery left after dinner, well, that’s like a smorgasbord! Yes, I hear you saying, you’ve had a long day at work and the dishes can wait till the morning. But you are potentially feeding a lot of unwelcome guests that carry disease and breed like ….. Cockroaches.
  3. Yes, well-fed and well-watered cockroaches grow bigger and reproduce healthy offspring in abundance. This is where they get to be a real problem. Surface spray is never going to eradicate them.
  4. Being nocturnal pests, they sleep during the day in cracks, crevices, stormwater drains, sewers, retaining walls, and similar places. Of course, they are going to be bringing germs and bacteria back into your house.
  5. As mentioned above, cockroaches like damp, dark places that could well be under your kitchen, laundry or bathroom sink, or shower and bath for that matter. Check for any drips, and slow leaking pipes as these can be an excellent water source for cockroaches to thrive and breed. House maintenance is important.

This is why we advise you to keep your home clean so cockroaches don’t spread the word there’s a good feed at your place tonight. Cockroaches probably invented the term, ‘Going viral.

Keeping your House Clean & Pest Control

Keeping your house clean and pest control go hand in hand. Cockroaches will always be around so it’s vital to have a regular pest control service to keep them in check. Good home hygiene and maintenance are important as is the need for regular, consistent pest control.

We recommend annual pest control. However, if for some reason, you haven’t kept up annual pest control and the cocky population has gotten out of hand we recommend doing a pest control service twice a year when you resume to get them back in check.

Pest Control Service

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