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What You Need To Know About Structural Fumigation

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When it comes to eliminating pests, Defence Pest Management uses a diverse range of pest control solutions. Depending on the type of pests and degree of infestation, we can help you eradicate pests with the use of chemical barriers, baiting and liquid termiticides. For properties with severe infestations, another common approach for pest management is structural fumigation.

Structural fumigation is pest management technology in which a property is sealed and gaseous pesticides are released in the area to eliminate the infestation. With this method, even hard-to-reach areas where nests might be located can be penetrated, thus effectively killing off even unseen pests.

Stages of Structural Fumigation

Because structural fumigation makes use of chemical substances to suffocate pests, the process involves several phases to ensure that the method is carried out effectively, efficiently and safely.

Sealing the Property

The first step is to seal the area that will be fumigated. In most cases, tents or tarps are used to cover the structure and to ensure that the pesticide remains trapped inside during the fumigation. Signs must also be put up to warn people from entering the premises.

Release of Gaseous Pesticide

Once the property is completely sealed off, the fumigant is then released inside the structure. The concentration and amount of fumigant used can vary depending on the size of the area. With a sealed environment, the gaseous pesticide will be contained within the area, allowing the fumigant to poison the pests present in the property.

This process can take days to weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation, the type of the fumigant used and the size of the area being treated.


After the fumigation is completed, the tent or tarp will then be removed and the fumigated space will be ventilated. This step is important to ensure that any poisonous substance is released and that the structure can be again safe for human habitation. Only after then will the occupants be allowed to re-enter the property.

Should I Opt for Structural Fumigation?

If you suspect a pest infestation in your property, Defence Pest Management can help you with inspections. We will first thoroughly examine your property and identify the type of pests invading your home.

Once the type of pest and location and severity of infestation have been identified, we will give you recommendations on the possible treatments that can be implemented and help you determine whether or not a structural fumigation is the most effective method.