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What You Need To Know About Pest Control Technicians

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Although do-it-yourself pest control can be done with the use of pest treatments from your local hardware store, this still isn’t as effective as having your property inspected by qualified technicians. At Defence Pest Management, we have an excellent team of licensed inspectors who can handle all your pest control needs – from inspections, all the way to eradicating pests and preventing future infestations.

The Training of Our Workforce

Defence Pest Management technicians are fully insured and licensed, so you can be confident that you have the right people handling your pest problems. Our technicians have undergone thorough and comprehensive training to ensure that we can provide the best quality of service possible.

The training our technicians have undergone allows them to assess and treat pests.

Assess pest control options

As pest management professionals it is necessary that technicians have the appropriate and up-to-date knowledge as to which methods can be used to effectively eliminate pests and prevent recurring infestations in a specific environment.

Modify environment to manage pests

In most instances, it will be required to modify the setup of a property and recreate the physical conditions – either outdoors or indoors – in order to address the pest problem. Our technicians have been trained to understand the proper selection and use of equipment to achieve the necessary modifications, while still keeping the environment safe for habitation.

Implement pest control plans and treatment

There are various types of pest control treatment, including the use of chemical and physical barrier systems. It is a must that the person doing the job has the right skills for the safe use and adequate handling of the materials to be used, and can successfully implement pest management plans according to the proposed method.

Recommend pest management options to clients

The nature and extent of an infestation can vary from one property to another, and so do the specific requirements of every client. With the right information about pest activities in a property and an in-depth understanding of client requirements, our technicians are able to recommend pest management options, not only to control the current problem, but also to reduce the potential risk of pest infestations in the future.

Inspect and control timber pests

The methods for controlling timber pests, such as termites, are not the same as the methods for eradicating rodents, cockroaches or other types of pests. In most cases, the damage and threat caused by timber pests are larger than those of other pests, hence, a completely different approach is needed to deal with termites.

To effectively get rid of timber pests, a technician should be equipped with the proper training to handle the required tasks for managing termites, including trainings on the proper installation of protective barriers to prevent termites from invading your property.