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What is Integrated Pest Management?

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Having pests in the house is a very common problem in most parts of Australia. There are many different types of pests and termites. These tiny creatures can easily creep inside homes even through the tiniest of cracks. Pests and termites can become a real nuisance if proper preventive and termite control measures in Brisbane are not taken. It is best to have integrated pest management carried out rather than just eradication techniques. Integrated pest management focuses on prevention, monitoring, control and inspection of pest presence. All these measures are geared towards making the premises free from all kinds of pests and termites.

What is included in integrated pest management?

The extent of damage that is caused varies for different kinds of pests. There are basically three main steps to an integrated pest management program: inspection, identification and treatment.

A team of professionals visits the premises and identifies any signs of termite presence. This is done through specialized methods and expert knowledge about different kinds of pests that can be present in building. These inspections can be carried out periodically as part of the integrated pest management services to observe any signs of recurring pests.

Once the pest presence has been identified, eradication measures are taken. These depend on the type of pests that are present. Some require the use of pesticides or insecticides. Others require manual removal.

There are a number of other treatment measures provided by the pest management company, such as sealing of cracks and removal of food and water sources for the pests so that these can be prevented from entering and dwelling in the house.

Benefits of integrated pest management

  • It prevents the problem of pests becoming larger
  • It helps to control the cost of termite eradication by keeping a tight control on the number of pests that might be present in the residence
  • It results in a safer home environment
  • It can be applied to both residential and commercial concerns
  • It is convenient to have all services related to pest management by the same company
  • It can be used for eradication and control of a number of pests such as termites, rodents, bees, ants, spiders, bird lice, cockroaches, fleas and more

Pest inspections in Brisbane are carried out by many companies. Some of these companies offer the integrated pest management services using specialized techniques, strategies and solutions for a complete termite and pest control in homes, offices and industrial buildings. They provide all kinds of assistance for prevention, control, eradication of these pests.