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Treating Your Home for Subterranean Termites

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The Problem

Subterranean termites can cause enormous damage to both residential and commercial structures. These insects have become more popular due to alterations in building design, chemical use limitations and various types of construction materials. These can encourage termites to come in and make themselves at home. To keep termites out of your home, prevention starts with hiring a professional to do an inspection on your dwelling and to treat the problem with various pest control measures before they cause permanent damage to your home.

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What You Need to Know

This species of termites have an incredible capacity to turn a new home into a damaged one in a short amount of time. In essence, they can damage a new home within ninety days of it being built through destruction to the roof and interior walls. They are small, approximately the size of an ant. When they settle into a building, the start by tunneling underneath the ground and set up a colony. They then begin searching for food in the form of timber of your home. They may even construct their colony above ground, especially where excess moisture is present. They can often be hard for the homeowner to detect as they love to establish their routes in places that are impossible to reach. For example, they may get started in a crack in your concrete patio, in an expansion joint or crawl under your kitchen floor tiles. These facts make combating them seem impossible, but not without the right kind of help. Having a professional on your side can make fighting these pests easier to handle. They have the tools and the knowledge needed to handle termites in the appropriate manner. This includes conducting an inspection, inspecting traps that are set and making sure they don’t return.

What to Do

The best thing to do is to hire a professional to conduct a thorough termite inspection in Brisbane on your home. This individual has the training and experience to locate these pests and start to deal with the problem. They can set up a baiting system that the termites carry poison from to the whole colony. As the professional comes back to assess the system periodically, the termites will begin to be killed off. This is due to their great dependence on one another when feeding, which helps to spread the poison from the trap so efficiently throughout the whole colony. The homeowners can prevent these pests from getting a foothold by keeping plumbing in good condition and having a professional termite control service done on their home. This means making periodic inspections around your home for leaks and damp areas. If you do locate a problem, make sure that you have it repaired immediately. Your roof is one area that can hide leaks, as well as pipes located in the walls. Homeowners also need to check with their insurance company to see if termite damage is covered under their policy. Many insurance companies, which can leave homeowners with a huge repair bill if the problem is untreated. Prevention and preparation are the best ways to keep your home pest free and stay on top of subterranean termites.