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Top Tips For Preventing Cockroaches

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In Brisbane, cockroaches are probably the most despised – and most abundant – pests that invade the home. If you already have a cockroach problem, then your best bet is to hire on a pest control company to help you with the problem. If you don’t have a problem with cockroaches, you can avoid the issue altogether by using a few key tips and tricks to keep them out of your home.

Tips For Keeping Cockroaches Out Of The Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, the first thing you should do is have a reputable pest inspection company come out to look over the premises. Once you’ve received a clean bill of health, use the following tips to help keep the problem from occurring. It’s a lot easier to prevent cockroaches than it is to get rid of them – and a lot cheaper, too.

  • Remove Holes And Cracks – Caulking is your friend. Go around your entire home looking for cracks and holes in kickboards, windows, doors and pipes. Repair those cracks and holes so that cockroaches don’t have an easy way to get in.
  • Use Screens – Screens are very cheap to buy. Use them to cover up floor drains, vents, windows and ducts; cockroaches frequently gain entry to the home through such spots, and often use them as homes as well.
  • Keep The Area Around Your Home Clean – Make sure that there is no litter or debris strewn about outside your home. Such things can attract cockroaches and make your home look attractive to them. Keep piles of wood clear from your home, too.
  • Keep Your Home Tidy – Never allow dirty dishes or old food to sit out in your home. If crumbs or other messes occur, sweep or vacuum them up right away. Such messes can attract cockroaches to your home. Neat, tidy homes are much less likely to have cockroach problems.
  • Put Lids On Your Trashcans – Purchase a garbage bin that has a lid and use it to store trash in your house. Don’t allow the can to become overly full; empty it frequently so that there isn’t a lot of trash sitting around your home.
  • Watch Out For Leaks – Cockroaches love water. As soon as a leak occurs, it is imperative to have it taken care of immediately. Standing water will attract cockroaches and give them a good reason to hang out in your home.
  • Recycle Often – Recycling isn’t just good for the environment – it can help prevent cockroaches. Get into the habit of recycling your old paper and plastic frequently, so that it doesn’t accumulate. This will also help you keep your home neat and clean.