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Tips to Get Rid of Termites

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Termites are tiny creatures that attract wood and wooden substances. Since a lot of things in the house and the building structure are made from wood, having termites in the home can be source of serious concern for home owners. They are generally present in great number in buildings where there is high level of moisture. However, these can be present in any building structure in many parts of Australia. Termite control is very important in order to protect the house from structural damages caused by termites. This can be done by hiring professionals for inspection and eradication of termites.

There can be measures that can be taken to prevent termites from entering a home. As termites are attracted to wood, so removal of all potential termite food from the building structure can prevent their entrance. These include stacks of timber, building debris and garden decorations. If timber is an essential requirement in the home exteriors it can be treated for prevention from termite attack. You may also use such varieties of timber that are naturally resistant to termites. For the treatment of timber there are chemical solutions available in the market. You can apply it on wood before use, and can also use this chemical to spray on the outside of your home. Another use of these chemicals is to get rid of an active termite colony.

Termites find a humid and moist environment very welcoming. Therefore, you should have all leaking water pipes, drains, showers and sinks fixed. Regularly inspect these for any damages to ensure water accumulation does not take place. Air conditioning and ventilating units also need to be kept free from humid conditions.

Apart from all these preventive measures, regular inspections are also very important so that termite presence can be identified and eradicated before major damage has been done. Inspections are particularly important during periods of high termite activity, such as early spring to late summer.

For effective termite identification and eradication, professional and licensed pest controllers should be hired. When hiring termite control companies, it should be ensured that these companies only use licensed and termite accredited technicians. Such inspections are recommended at least once a year in cooler areas. For warmer areas, it should be carried out twice a year.

As the winter season approaches Australia, there is a need for termite and pest inspections in Brisbane. Even though there should be preventive measures used by home owners to prevent entrance of termites in homes, professional inspections and control measures are essential for a complete eradication.