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Tips and Tricks for Keeping the Roaches Away

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Summer season is usually full of activity, and that also means more active rodents and insects. Cockroaches can be a major problem for home owners in the summer season. These medium-sized insects are found in almost every home, especially during the warmer months. These can be easily located at night when they come out of their hiding. You can also tell about their presence by their droppings in cupboards and pantries. Getting rid of roaches and making your house roach-free requires few simple measures. Home owners also need to make sure that once eradicated, they do not make their way back in.

The first step in getting rid of cockroaches is to find out their source. For complete pest and cockroach control, it is critical to check all around the place for holes and cracks through which these creatures might enter. Cockroaches, however, also enter through vents and drains, so it is not possible to seal everything.

To kill the cockroaches, there are a number of DIY products available in the market that you can use. One of the most commonly used techniques is to apply a mixture of powdered boric acid, white flour and sugar. This can be placed behind backs of cabinets and drawers, under the fridge and stove etc. This procedure has to be repeated several times for complete eradication. Another way is to use an insecticide spray. Use the one that is labelled for use against cockroaches only. Spray it on all places where cockroaches might be hiding or entering.

There are cockroach traps available that can be used to lure cockroaches in and then trap them with an adhesive. These can be placed at several places where there is higher frequency of cockroach visits. You can also use professional grade pesticides if the problem of cockroaches has become too large to handle. This is generally available through online stores and is to be sprayed around the perimeter of your home. These sprays not only kill all insects but also stay effective for about three months.

The best way to deal with the problem of roaches is to prevent re-infestation. Make sure the house is kept clean and free from bacteria. This especially applies to the kitchen and pantry area where there are high chances of food droppings and spills. Make sure these are cleaned immediately. Empty the trash can regularly, and seal away all apparent cracks and holes. Easiest and most effective way to deal with cockroaches though is to call in exterminators for complete pest inspection and insect control. They will not eradicate your infestation issue, but will also provide you with advice on ensuring that the problem does not re-occur.

Roaches are nasty creatures that crawl all over your home and hide in difficult to reach areas. These are not just creepy but also hazardous to the health of residents. They need to be removed from homes as quickly as possible so that they do not become a serious infestation.