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Things You Are Doing That Invite Termites into Your Home

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You’d agree that termites are uninvited guests in your home, and that includes all parts of your property, whether it’s the exteriors or interiors. But while you may have made the extra effort to be certain that your property is free from termites prior to your acquisition or to moving in, you may not realise that you are the one attracting pests into your property.

Common Mistakes

Termites feed on wooden structures and other materials that contain cellulose (a carbohydrate mainly found in plant cells), and workers in the termite caste require moisture to live. If you have the presence of both, you could be increasing the risk of termite attacks and infestation in your home. Here are common mistakes you might be doing that invite the termites:

Ignoring the Leaks

The leaks in your utility pipes can provide termites with the moisture they need for building their nest. The same goes with the drips from your air conditioning and excess water from the roof gutters. If these problems are not addressed, sooner or later, the white ants might start showing up!

Use of Mulch

Mulch is useful for the soil and growing plants, and so it is to termites. The termites can feed on mulch and start nesting where their food source is located. This does not mean that you disregard using mulch altogether; just make sure that it is located away from the exteriors of your house and any wooden structures to prevent termites from damaging your property.

Leaving the Cracks Unrepaired

Cracks are a perfect entry for termites. Even if the material is made of concrete, the crack can still act as a passageway to the wooden structures that pests can use as their food source. Again, where the food source is, the termites will not be far. Sometimes the cracks are too small that you can’t see through them, which is why you won’t know that it is being used as a crawling space by termites.

Neglecting Regular Inspections

An effective way to prevent termite infestation is through regular termite inspections, which is still often neglected by many property owners in Brisbane. Our team at Defence Pest Management recommend inspections to be conducted every 12 months so that possible infestations can be avoided.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails and these mistakes have led to termites invading your property, Defence Pest Management provides pest control and management services. One of the benefits of pest control is the prevention of exponential damage to your property, which can result in expensive repair costs.