Defence Pest Management


The Bee’s Knees

bees on a honey

Pest control is not as simple as it sounds at times – especially when it comes to insects that swarm such as wasps and bees. Although wasps and bees tend to be more of a nuisance than a danger, it is still vital for them to be eradicated. Wasp stings can be pretty painful and there are people who are very badly allergic to bees – they could even die if stung.

Colonies of wasps or bees can also build their hives in a number of different places and they don’t need a lot of room to be able to do so. They tend to nest in trees or rafters but can also find ways to settle into nooks and crannies where you cannot find the nest. Whether or not you are allergic to bees and wasps, you need to have them gotten rid of for your family and friends sake.

If you simply ignore the problem, they will just keep growing and multiplying and become more of a nuisance and a danger. A lot of people think that they can deal with the problem on their own – after all, most people think it is simply a matter of getting rid of the nest. It really isn’t that simple. Not only do you run the risk of getting yourself badly stung, if you do not eliminate the nest completely, they will simply start up again somewhere nearby and the problem will be worse than ever. The doctor’s bills and fixing the resultant damage to your home will cost a lot more than calling in a professional pest exterminators.

It is a lot more cost effective to call in a professional from the beginning – they will get rid of the problem quickly and effectively with minimal damage to your property and minimal disruption to your life. Not only will they remove existing colonies, but they will also give you advice on why you have the problem in the first place. You may find that you have plants in your garden that are attracting them. By following their advice, you will be able to avoid future problems.

The first thing professional pest control exterminators will do is to do a walk around of your property to see exactly how extensive the problem is. They will choose the least invasive way to eradicate the problem. If chemicals are required, they are experts at using the lowest effective dose in order to minimise the impact on your home and environment. Getting in a professional is simply the most simple and effective way to solve the problem.