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Termite Control Treatment in Homes

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Termites, also sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’, have over 350 species in South East Queensland and about 20 of these can damage timber in the houses. Wood is their food and they tend to build their nests in any wooden structure. This means that termites can cause considerable damage to homes and building structures. To protect the safety of your home and wooden materials used in the house, termite control in Brisbane is quite essential. There are a number of treatments and techniques available to get rid of these pests and to protect your property from them.

Depending on the extent of damage caused by termites, appropriate measures need to be taken. If you are sure that there are huge numbers of termites present and some amount of damage has already been caused by them, it is best to hire a professional pest and termite control company to take charge. If, however, the presence of termites is only suspected, there can be some preventive measures taken by the homeowners for a successful termite control. These include the following:
Better ventilation should be provided especially in the crawlspaces. It will be less likely for termites to find place in your house if there is less moisture.
All celluloid debris must be removed from and around your house as this is a breeding material for termites.
All dead wood and plant materials should be removed quickly and keep checking the wood in the house for possible presence of these creatures.

For the eradication of termites from homes, the popular treatments include electrocution, fungal pathogens and use of borates. To kill the termites in any exposed wood, a spot electrical treatment can be applied. This is done by drilling small holes with the use of electro gun. This treatment has about 95% success rate and it takes about 4 weeks for the eradication. In the fungal pathogen process, a fungal material is sprayed directly onto the affected area and termites die instantly. The process might need to be repeated several times for complete removal of these pests. Another method is to use the boric acid. This is injected into the wood and is a preventive method for the control of termites.

Homeowners need to carry out regular pest inspections in Brisbane in order to make sure their home, building structure and other materials in the house are protected from termites. Termites can make their way in many parts of the house so thorough inspections are essential for their complete eradication.