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Responsibilities Every Tenant Should Know

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If you are renting a property, it is important to understand your responsibilities as a tenant. Before entering into an agreement with your landlord, you must have read all the terms and policies that come with renting a property because, while there are general rules for renting, you can’t afford to miss out on the smaller, more specific details that might be unique to your agreement.

General Responsibilities

Punctual Payments

Your first responsibility as a tenant is to pay your rent on time. This is not just for making sure that you do not breach the tenancy agreement, but more importantly, for securing your rental property and protecting your rental history as a tenant.

In cases where you are unable to pay your rent on time, your landlord will send you a Notice to Remedy, giving you a grace period that will allow you to catch up with the rent payments. If after the grace period you still have not settled your rent payments, you will then be sent a Notice to Leave.

Keeping the Property Clean and Undamaged

When you are the person residing in the property, it is your responsibility to keep the house undamaged. Your landlord may have a property manager who will routinely check the house for any damages or changes in the dwelling.

Certain modifications in the property may not be allowed by your landlord, such as changing the door locks or repainting the walls. Such changes can mean a breach of contract and a penalty on your part. If you need to have areas of the house repaired, you should first inform the landlord or property manager instead of acting on your own.

Repairs and Maintenance

For the rental properties we handle, Defence Pest Management usually works closely with landlords, as most of the time, home repair and maintenance is the lessor’s responsibility. It is rare that you, as the tenant, will shoulder the property maintenance. Still, understanding the contract will ensure that the same policy applies to your rental.

Pest Control and Management

In the same manner that property repairs are a landlord’s responsibility, dealing with pest control issues usually fall into the hands of the lessor. However, if you are a tenant, it is necessary that you immediately inform your landlord of any sign of infestation. After all, it is a place that you are living in.

On the other hand, if your agreement states that you are responsible for any pest problems, it is recommended that you immediately have the property inspected, as early detection means fewer damage costs. You can contact us at Defence Pest Management and we can arrange a schedule for examining your rental property.