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Preventing Bird Mite Infestation Through Good Housekeeping

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When spring season once again begins, so will the birds start to build their nests and invite the mites. Bird mites are among those pests whose population can rapidly grow. They can directly affect humans through their bites, which can lead to allergic reactions.

When birds build their nest, along with it comes the mites, which feed on their blood. The mites will thrive in the nest with their host. However, when the birds vacate their nest, the bird mites will try to find a new host for their survival. If a nest was built in the roof void, on the window sill or a tree in your yard, then there is a possibility that the mites will start infesting your home and bite you as they search for a new host.

Bird mites do not survive on a human host, but the infestation on your property may continue unless it is controlled. On the other hand, you can also prevent bird mites from coming into your property through good housekeeping.

Here are some tips from our team at Defence Pest Management on how you can keep the bird mites away:

Block Up Entries to Possible Nesting Spots

Birds can nest in hidden areas in your home such as the roof void or inside the chimney if they can gain entries to these areas. You can inspect your home for possible access points and block up these entries to stop birds from building their nest inside your home.

Clean Up Window Ledges and Air Conditioning Units

Window sills are a favourite spot of birds for building their nests, so making sure your window ledges are clear of birds will help prevent bird mite infestation. Even without the presence of a nest, it is also a good idea to clean the window sills as birds may still leave some mites behind after resting on the sill.

Birds may also build their nest underneath air conditioning units, so be sure to frequently check the area around your equipment.

Trim Branches and Shrubs

Tree limbs, branches and shrubs surrounding your home can be a perfect location for bird nests, so it is ideal to trim them to prevent bird mites from getting inside your home after a nest is vacated.

Remove Bird Baths and Water Sources

Birds are usually attracted to your home because of food and water sources. Removing bird baths and other possible water sources can save you from inviting birds and bird mites into your property. This also includes cleaning up puddles or stored water in your backyard.

Controlling Bird Mites

Bird mites are very tiny and are hardly visible, which makes them more difficult to control. Although they are most likely to die within three weeks due to the lack of blood meal from birds, by that time, they could already have multiplied enormously.

The best way to deal with bird mites is to have your property inspected for the type of bird mite and then to carry out an effective treatment plan. Our inspectors from Defence Pest Management can inspect your property for bird mite infestation, along with other types of pests, and provide you with a plan of action for getting rid of the infestation.