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Many homeowners become complacent and forget about having their homes regularly inspected for pest infestation. Unbeknownst to them, pests are slowly chipping away at the foundations of their homes. Pesky critters such as termites are big threats to the structural soundness of a home. Cockroaches and rodents are threats to the family’s health. Pests need to be located and eradicated immediately before they cause too much damage.

Signs that your Home May Have a Pest Problem

The problem with pests is that the havoc they wreak may stay hidden for many years. There are some signs that indicate the presence of pests in your home. Termites cause the most damage in homes, and thus looking for signs of a termite problem should be the main concern of homeowners.

Hollow-sounding wood is a sign that termites are eating the wood from the inside out.

If you see groups of winged insects (Alates) or groups of discarded wings, it is time to call a pest control specialist.

Broken or warped paint on wood surfaces means that termites have managed to enter your home through small cracks in the foundation, roof siding, vents or windows.

Mud tubes on exterior walls provide moisture to subterranean termites while they are looking for food. Keep mulch, firewood and wood chips away from the home so that there will be no moisture-rich habitats on which termites can use to grow and thrive.

Call a Pest Inspection Expert

There are other signs of a termite problem that are not seen or may be missed by an untrained eye. If you see signs of a termite activity or you just want peace of mind regarding your home, call a qualified pest management company to conduct thorough termite inspections. A termite expert can recommend and implement the best course of treatment, which could be a chemical solution, a termite barrier or a combination of both. The expert can also advise clients on measures to prevent the recurrence of a termite infestation.

Homes are vulnerable to termite infestation, so regular inspections are important. Catching a termite activity early could save homeowners a lot of money and stress. Your home will probably be the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. Thus, it is essential to protect it. One way to protect your investment is to have it undergo regular pest inspections to ensure it will continue standing for a long time.