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carpet eaten by carpet moths
pest control protect wool carpet

Source: Solomons Carpet Stafford

If you have wool carpet in your home or plan to have it installed, there are many benefits to this floor covering.

It has many green credentials: natural, biodegradable, organic and renewable. Wool is an environmentally friendly flooring. If the wool is sourced from Australia or New Zealand we’re assured it’s good quality.

This organic, natural fibre is resistant to dust mites and allergens. Wool is a dirt-repellent. For people having sensitivities to allergens, wool carpet is front of mind when choosing a quality floor covering. Synthetic fibres are simply not an option.

Aesthetically, it is a beautiful floor covering. Soft to the touch and a pleasure to walk on. Importantly, it has durability.

Wool carpet is made to last and with proper care, will outlast its synthetic counterparts.

It does have one chink in its armour. The Carpet Moth.


These insects begin life as tiny larvae and can be brought in on shoes or pets. They do love natural fibres – wool, silk, cotton. So they will eat wool carpet and enjoy a snack or two or your natural fibre clothes in your wardrobe. We have heard of them eating the felt in pianos!

Once inside your home, they prefer to be in dark places. Areas that are not disturbed like behind furniture or in wardrobes. Here the carpet moth will lay their eggs.

Evidence of carpet moth activity is the wool carpet has been denuded from its backing.

carpet eaten by carpet moths
carpet eaten by carpet moths


According to Mark Pitcher of Solomons Carpets at Stafford, “The best prevention is regular vacuuming and being proactive in moving furniture to vacuum those hard-to-reach places. The exact places where Carpet Moths love to lay their eggs. Also, regular pest control. Yes, pest control. The treatments for cockroaches and other insects will also treat Carpet Moths.”


We suggest a three-pronged approach.

  1. Engage a professional carpet cleaning company
  2. Homeowner to conduct full spring clean of the home
  3. Follow up with pest control to eradicate moths to prevent re-infestation

Deep cleaning of all the natural fibre soft furnishings by a professional carpet cleaning company and the homeowner with an immediate follow-up by a pest technician to eradicate any larvae missed by cleaning to reduce the risk of re-infestation. This sequence will maximise the effectiveness of both services.


Skilled carpet cleaners are trained to identify the type of infestation and evaluate the condition of your carpets.

Expert carpet cleaners will utilise specialised techniques and thoroughly clean and sanitise carpets. This is foundational to eliminate moth larvae, eggs and existing infestation.

A carpet cleaner will address the immediate issue but a pest technician will treat areas where carpet moths are laying eggs to reduce the possibility of future infestations.

If you have natural fibre fabric-covered furniture, you would be best served to have that professionally cleaned at the same time.

carpet cleaners


Carpet moths can lay larvae in any dark place, especially underneath furniture or furniture that sits against a wall. Also, paintings, prints, and photos on walls provide a safe place for carpet moths to lay larvae. You may be shocked to discover hundreds of moths in these locations.

Attach the fine nozzle to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum them all up. Carpet moths can attach to ceilings so in your quest for cleanliness don’t forget to look up There’s no understating how much effort will be needed to rid your home of carpet moths.

Other soft furnishings in your home in natural fibres such as wool, cotton, and silk including curtains, cushions, blankets, and throw rugs should all be laundered in the spring clean.

Wardrobes, as well as the linen press, will need to be emptied and cleaned.

spring clean by homeowner


A pest technician is looking for places where carpet moths and other pests can hide such as wall voids, cracks and crevices and hard-to-reach places.

He will apply treatments in cupboards, wardrobes and all areas of the house. Whilst carpet moths feed on wool and natural fibres, they can live and breed anywhere within the home.

That’s the key benefit of pest control. The pest technician treats areas the carpet cleaner can’t deal with and eradicates larvae that may been missed in your spring clean.

The first two processes are clean, clean and clean some more and the pest control is to deal with any tiny larvae missed to eradicate the pest.

Overall, you will have a clean, pest-free home. Possibly, a de-cluttered space as well! When you start moving furniture laden with decor and books and then emptying cupboards, and wardrobes you may have that realisation that you don’t need all that stuff!

pest technician


This is important. Discussions with your carpet cleaner and pest technician are needed to develop a management plan. Your pest technician may advise a pest control service every 6 months or even to return in 3 months. The carpet cleaner may suggest an annual cleaning is best.

They will best advise according to your specific needs. Heed their advice.

Your part of the bargain is to vacuum regularly and that involves moving furniture. Turn your vacuum cleaner to a low suction level and change to the appropriate nozzle to vacuum your curtains. Vacuum all your fabric furniture.

The side benefit of this is your soft furnishings will be kept dust-free. Dust is an element that degrades fabric so keeping them dust-free will extend their shelf life.

home maintenance


In reiterating what Mark Pitcher of Solomons Carpets said, “The best prevention is regular vacuuming and being proactive in moving furniture to vacuum those hard-to-reach places. The exact places where Carpet Moths love to lay their eggs. Also, regular pest control. Yes, pest control. The treatments for cockroaches and other insects will also treat Carpet Moths.”

We have mentioned in a previous blog about keeping your home clean. This is another example where cleanliness and regular pest control will protect your home.


If you have a carpet moth infestation or suspect you might please call us immediately and we will book a pest control service to follow on immediately after your carpets have been cleaned and dried. Please call: 1300 304 725.  We’re here to help!

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