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New and Improved Techniques of Termite Detection

Defence Pest Management Thermal Imaging Device

Presence of pests and termites in houses can be a nuisance for residents and, in some cases, a great threat to their health. These tiny creatures can make their way inside any home very easily and if effective detection and eradication measures are not taken at the appropriate time, they can cause huge damage to the building structure and articles of use. Termite control in Brisbane is essential to have a clean and healthy living. Termite control companies make use of a number of detection techniques to find out if there are pests present in a house.

To identify presence of termites is not very easy with a naked eye. There might be a huge number of termites eating away your precious items or building structure without you knowing it. They might become visible after a considerable damage has already been done. There has been some new advancement in the detection techniques used to identify pest presence so that timely eradication measures can be taken. One of the highly effective methods applied for the detection of termites is through termite detection dogs. Digestive tracts of termites emit various types of gases. The distinctive scent of these can be detected by trained detective dogs quite easily. By sniffing through the area, the dogs can lead termite control inspectors to wherever the termites might be present in the house. This is a very convenient and cost-effective method of termite detection in buildings. This is also an effective technique because the detective dogs can sniff through difficult to reach areas as well, such as under floor coverings or inside walls.

Another highly advanced technology used for termite detection is by using thermal imaging. This technique involves the use of thermal or infrared technology and is conducted with the help of specialized cameras. These cameras are able to see more than the naked eye and can easily pinpoint locations of termite damage. These are expensive cameras which is why some companies do not use them for termite detection. However, these are very effective and when used with other techniques of pest identification and eradication these can be very useful in providing vital information about termite presence.

Termites are known to cause more than two hundred million dollars worth of damage in Australia every year. A lot of times this damage is caused because these creatures go undetected by human inspectors during pest inspections in Brisbane. The use of innovative techniques, such as termite detection dogs and thermal imaging has made it easier to detect termite activity in a quick and efficient manner.