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Keeping Your Cupboard Cockroach Free

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Keeping your property cockroach free can still be a challenge for many homeowners. This is mostly because, in most cases, residents are not even aware that cockroaches are already sharing their space. Roaches are most active at night when everyone is fast asleep, so it is hard to tell when there is an infestation until you see them crawling around your kitchen during the day.

Cockroaches can be hiding inside your cupboard, secretly feeding on your stored food and possibly contaminating your food. Droppings and contaminants left behind can cause illnesses, so before it even happens, here are tips from Defence Pest Management on how you can keep your cupboard cockroach free.

Do not store paper materials in the cupboard

Cockroaches are attracted to any materials made of paper – and this can include grocery bags and cardboard boxes that are often being kept in the cupboard. Especially when these are stored at the bottom or near the ground, cockroaches find it very inviting to nest in these areas. If you need to keep such items, make sure to place them in a sealable bag to keep them from attracting cockroaches.

Use airtight containers for storage

Most of us love storing our newly bought grocery items and ingredients inside the cupboard. Many of these items, however, are still in cardboard boxes, making it easier for cockroaches to destroy them and feed on the contents.

To avoid this from happening, move any food you plan to store in the cupboard in airtight containers, preferably those that are made of metal or glass. If possible, you can also refrigerate other food items and ingredients instead of storing them inside the cupboard.

Don’t leave food lying around

The main reason why cockroaches are inside your home is because you provide them with their needs for survival – the environment, food and water. If you have food lying around, whether it is a box of flour or sugar that you left open inside the cupboard or a box of pizza on the kitchen counter, then you are giving the cockroaches the freedom to feed on whatever you are eating.

Make it a point that before you retreat to your bed that the kitchen has been tidied, no food has been left behind and the counters and cupboard are spotless. Because the more food that the cockroaches find, the longer they want to stay and the bigger their colony can become.

Have your property inspected regularly

Pest inspection may not seem to be a big deal to some, especially if there are no signs of infestations. But it has been countless times that our technicians from Defence Pest Management have discovered severe cockroach infestations in homes that have not shown any trace of cockroach activity, not until homeowners have discovered damaged cardboard boxes or they have seen the roaches lingering in the kitchen during the day.

So if you want to be sure of your family’s safety, have your property regularly inspected not just for cockroaches, but for any other types of pests that could be hiding in your cupboards.