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Importance of Regular Termite Treatments

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Termites are considered to be among the most destructive pests that can ever attack a home or a building. These pests can go undetected while completely destroying structures and parts of the house, particularly those made of timber. At the first indication of termite presence in the home, a termite control service must be contacted to handle the problem.

Many times, termites have been known to be destroying homes for months and even years without being noticed. They can be working from within, well hidden from the people living in the building. This makes them extra tricky to deal with. If your house has structures and parts made from wooden materials, it is best to ask for a thorough inspection to make sure that there are no termites or termite damage in those areas.


Termite control involves a thorough inspection of the building to see the extent of the damage and to find hiding places and hidden nests of termites. A reliable professional pest control company would have a good understanding of the life of termites, so they will know their feeding patterns and reproductive culture. This helps them to find the termites in their hiding places and to formulate the best solution to rid the house of these pests.

By far, the best treatment for termite infestation is a chemical barrier done by treating the soil to kill the termites living there. This barrier also helps keep the termites away from the building. The termites can also be eradicated by baiting with a chemical treated bait to lure the termites and poison them in the process.

Regular Inspection

Termite treatments are designed to last for years, effectively keeping the pests out of the property while the termite solution remains effective. However, there is no firm guarantee that the house will be free from termites after treatment.

Regular inspections should be conducted to check and see if there are termite colonies that are developing somewhere around the house. The effect of the termite treatment is different from one house to another. There may be a need for more frequent termite treatment, depending on the property’s tendency to invite termites. The house could be lying in an area surrounded by a great population of termites.

At least once a year, termite inspections must be conducted as a precautionary measure to make sure that the property is safe from termites. The Australian Standards recommends this type of regular inspection on the property, not only to validate that the infestation has stopped. The regular inspections are also conducted to check on the installed treatment or barriers. If the barriers have been disturbed, then there is a chance that the infestation will recur.