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Importance of Pest Inspection in Buying or Renting a Property

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Put yourself in this scenario: you are in search for a new house, and after months and months of being on the lookout, you finally find what you are looking for – your dream home.

And your dream home, it really is! With its fantastic location and affordable price, you’ll surely won’t let it pass. Already you are daydreaming about where pieces of furniture are going to go, or how you’re going to turn your extra space into an entertainment area, and how nice it would be to spend your afternoons sipping latte in the chic coffee shop just around the corner.

But then again, the real estate agent tells you that you’ve got a serious competition to the property and that the owner is considering the said competitor’s offer. Of course, you make an offer too, but requesting that you conduct a pre-purchase property inspection first. However, the agent informs you that whoever is first to exchange on the property will win it, so you better put your game face on and act quickly.

Your logical thinking tells you that a building inspection is a necessity, but at the same time, you are aware that it will take days to turnaround. You’re in panic. You know you are running out of precious time. The thought of forgoing the inspection is constantly nudging you like a conscience.

You then start thinking: I could take the risk. The place looks fine, no obvious signs of damage or infestations. It’s a fantastic home and you’ll have a hard time looking for something as good as this.

What you see is not always what you get

So let’s say you did win your dream home and yes, it does look charming and pretty. But when you finally did a thorough inspection, you found out about all the issues hidden beneath its beautiful facade, you are going to wish you did not forgo that pre-purchase inspection you knew was necessary.

Here are some of the issues you might uncover:

  • In-wall dampness
  • A leaking ceiling
  • Rotting floorboards
  • Signs of moisture in crawl spaces
  • Cracked tiles

… and the list goes on and the costs may reach greater peaks – and so does pest infestations. It is important to know that not all building inspectors include pest inspection in their service. Before you hire an inspector, make sure they do pest inspections to save you time and money.

Head over heart

Being emotionally attached to a prospective property happens – and it happens quite often. It is understandable, but no matter how much you want it and no matter how limited your time is to decide to finally purchase it, not obtaining a property inspection prior to settlement is downright stupid and irresponsible. If anything, pre-purchase inspection should be on top of your priority list. Don’t be deceived by just beauty alone. Uncovering what is beneath a property’s surface is the only way to be sure that you have indeed found the home that you are looking for.