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How to Control Hazards of Huntsman Spiders

Defence Pest Management Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are generally non-aggressive creatures that rarely bite humans. The female is known to be more aggressive than the male huntsman spiders but that usually happens when she feels threatened about her eggs. The bite by huntsman spiders can be quite painful and may cause swelling and some other symptoms. Due to the nuisance these pests can create, their eradication from the house is important. In case your house seems too much inhabited by the huntsman spiders, it is a good idea to seek help from professionals who deal in termite control in Brisbane.

What do the huntsman spiders look like?

These are very large insects, up to 15cm in diameter, and have long and hairy legs. This species of spiders can move very quickly and its flat body makes it easier for them to find their way into homes or cars through even the minute openings.

Where are the huntsman spiders generally found?

These are generally having their habitat under loose tree barks where they hide from the predators by spinning an egg sac. They can also be found in debris such as firewood, leaves or garbage and if this is present near the house entrance, these pests can make their way in easily.

What happens when a huntsman spider bites?

Even though the huntsman spider bites are rare for the humans but, when they do, they can cause local swelling and transient pain. In case the swelling persists, medical help must be sought. There can be other side effects experienced as a result of the bite, such as headache, lingering pain, irregular pulse rate and vomiting.

How to get rid of huntsman spiders?

The female can lay up to 200 eggs so it will be a good idea to get rid of her as soon as possible if seen carrying an egg sac inside the house. The off-the-counter insecticides, sprays and floggers do not really work on getting rid of these spiders. These have to be manually removed from the house. To prevent them from coming inside, it is important to make regular checks of any cracks or openings found in walls, door and windows. Due to their flat bodies, they can find their way in through tiniest of the cracks. Keeping them out of the house and into your garden can be rather beneficial as these insects feed on other spiders, lizards, snakes and rodents.

Huntsman spiders are large and scary creatures and can be hazardous to health when found in houses. Regular pest inspections in Brisbane are important to make sure your house is free from these pests.