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Grooming Your Pets to Avoid Flea Infestation

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When you ask pet owners what they despise most about when it comes to their fur babies, more often than not, their response would be fleas.

Have you got a flea problem with your pets? Your best approach in getting rid of them is to intervene with their life cycle. The methods for first defense are actually simple. To control adult fleas, you just need to vacuum and launder regularly, along with constantly grooming and bathing your pets.

Should there be any need for the use of pesticides, choose low toxicity options as much as possible.

Fleas on Pets

Not only do fleas cause discomforting itch to your furry friends, they can also carry more dangerous risks for diseases. Dogs and cats can develop mild to severe allergic dermatitis to fleas, tapeworms and other internal parasites.  They can also, in fact, develop anemia due to flea bite. What makes it worst is that interaction with your flea-infested pets could mean that your family is exposed to parasites as well.

Where do pets get fleas anyway?

Most commonly, the answer to that is the outdoors. Maybe you should take notice that pets who seldom go outdoors rarely host fleas. Take for instance the yard where there is usually moist and shaded soil. This environment is attractive to both fleas and their hosts. Just so you know, fleas are predominantly active during warm and moist months. It’s best to be more vigilant in flea prevention around these times.

Other places where fleas can be found are on used rugs, upholstered furniture and other animals (e.g. a visiting friend’s dog). Fleas jump from their host to a new one or sometimes in areas where their host rests. Once it settles on to its new host, it thrives by sucking in their blood for nourishment, and then eases in to reproduce.

How to Groom Your Pets

Flea Comb

There are combs specifically made to remove adult fleas, flea dirt and dried blood on the skin and fur of your pets. The use of flea combs is a very effective way of removing fleas and what’s even better is that your pets absolutely delight in it. Groom the whole body if possible but focus more on the head and neck because these are the areas where fleas are mostly found. Once the fleas are pulled out, drop them in a soapy water to stop them from jumping away. Groom twice everyday in severe cases of flea infestation.

A Soapy Bath

Contrary to popular belief, flea shampoos and pesticide-containing dips are NOT necessary to get rid of fleas. Just a warm, thorough bath can actually do the trick. Here’s a good tip: Start by applying a ring of concentrated soap around your pet’s neck to prevent the fleas from escaping. We all know that pets would very much prefer grooming over bathing. However, if you are looking for a faster and more effective approach, then bathing is your best resort.