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Getting Rid of Termites And Ensuring They Don’t Come Back

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If your home, or even just a part of the structure consists of wooden materials, then you know your property is at great risk for termite infestation. Even just your wooden furniture; bookshelves filled with books and magazines and the pile of boxes in your storage is already attractive enough to termites.

Even if your property never had termite infestations in the past, the pesky critters can come into your home from another area – most especially if you are located in a woody area. They can crawl through the crevices or travel underground until they find a crack on your floor or wall, which they can use as their entry point.

Termites need air and moisture, so damp spaces are the ideal place for them. Inside the house, they will feed mostly on paper and wood materials.

The problem with termites is not only that they will cause damage to your house, but that they usually remain unseen until the damage becomes too significant. That is why our team at Defence Pest Management would always suggest that you take the appropriate measures to avoid termites from even coming close to your home. Because, sometimes, you may not be aware of it, but there are things you do that attract termites into your property.

Say Goodbye to Termites – Your Uninvited Guests

If termites have already built their nest in your home, then the best you could do is get rid of them. There are various termite removal and treatment methods that will ensure the termites will be gone. The treatment method for your home will depend on the type and degree of infestation. Some of the most effective methods are the use of liquid termiticides and termite baits.

Do-it-yourself termite control is also possible, although there is a chance that the infestation may not be completely wiped out and there may be areas that will be overlooked. Even if there are very few visible termites on the surface, the colony underground may continue to spread to other areas of the home, so it is suggested to let the right person do the job for you.

Making Sure the Termites Never Come Back

In many cases of termite infestation that we have dealt with at Defence Pest Management, property owners usually turn to building inspections after they have accidentally found a nest of termites. In these situations, the impact of damage may already be huge, costing more money for repairs. However, a further inspection is necessary to determine if there are other parts of the home that have also been infested.

It can also help you find out the risk of termite infestation and if there are possible entry points that need to be sealed off from termites and other pests. This way, there is a reduced chance that termites will keep coming back to your property for their own shelter and food.