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German Cockroaches – Waiting for you at home?

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You no doubt realise the importance of having a pest inspection carried out before you buy a new property but have you ever considered the importance of these being carried out annually. You may keep your home clean and spotless but you could still end up with an insect problem that is not easy to see until it has become firmly established.

And it’s not just termite control in Brisbane that you have to worry about, you also need to think of insects that don’t necessarily cause structural damage but that are dangerous to your health such as German Cockroaches. German cockroaches are especially a danger because they are sneaky and small – you may not realise that you have a real problem until they start to carry you off in your bed.

And again, it doesn’t really make much of a difference how clean your home is – these little critters can sneak in contained in cardboard boxes and then hide out in the darker corners of your home. If you were always scared that there was something lurking in your basement, sorry to tell you, but you were probably right. These creepy crawlies love the dark and warm, humid spots.

They prefer to be closer to a source of food but they are willing to travel for food if need be. They can last about a month without food so it’s tough to starve them out. Even if you don’t leave food out in the open, they can squeeze into cardboard boxes, like cereal boxes, and worm their way into the food. If you do find that you are having a problem, it is vital to keep all opened products in airtight containers and not to make any sources of food available to them.

Of course, the big problem is that German Cockroaches aren’t very fussy gourmet eaters. They’ll even eat glue and can find food to eat on dirty laundry. Before throwing your hands up and surrendering to these little creepy crawlies, you will find that they can be quite effectively controlled by a professional – applying the poison yourself is not nearly as effective. First off, you don’t know where the cockroaches are likely to hide and you cannot safely apply the amount of poison that may be required. A professional will also know how to use just enough toxicity to combat the problem and will be able to help get rid of the eggs of the cockroaches as well. You can have an inspector come out and conduct your annual termite inspections in Brisbane at the same time and kill two birds with one stone.

When it all comes down to it, insects can cause you a lot of hassle. Not only is it quite sickening to think of scuttling around the house but they can make your family sick – asthma and contact dermatitis are made much worse. For your peace of mind and your family’s safety, get rid of these pests today.