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Flea Infestation in Homes Without Pets

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Fleas at home? They are just a pet owner’s problem. This is a common statement our team at Defence Pest Management occasionally hear. Some homeowners think that flea infestation is only possible if you have pets at home and that it isn’t a concern if you don’t own a dog or a cat.

This isn’t necessarily true for everyone, however. Although there is a greater possibility that your home might be infested with fleas if you have a pet, nevertheless, fleas can still invade your property, even without pets as the carrier. In fact, detecting flea infestation in homes without pets can, at times, be more difficult.

Causes of the Infestation

So you don’t have a pet that goes outdoors, sleeps on the rugs or carpet, sits on the couch or jumps into your bed; where do the fleas come from then?

Here are several reasons why you may have fleas at home:

The previous resident was a pet owner

If the previous resident was a pet owner, this is a common scenario if you are renting a place or have just acquired and moved into a new home. Fleas, just like all other pests, can be left behind and can continue to infest a property if undetected and unmanaged. This is one of the reasons why building inspections is a necessary step before acquiring and living in a new property – to help ensure that all issues are addressed before the move.

Among the properties we have inspected, our staff at Defence Pest Management would always come across a few homes that are infested with fleas – whether or not the previous or current owner has a pet.

There are pets in nearby homes

Even if you don’t have your own furry friend, your neighbour could have one that loves to visit your place. Whether they enjoy lounging outside your home or have access indoors, these pets may be a host to fleas that can begin dwelling in your rugs or outdoor furniture.

You have furniture infested with fleas

If you are moving used furniture into your home, perhaps an item you’ve purchased from a garage sale, there is a chance that the furniture has become the home of fleas. It is recommended that as soon as you find out that any furniture or part of your home is infested with fleas, you also have the rest of your home inspected so that control and treatment can be done before the damage becomes worse.

Keeping Your Home Free from Fleas

Although there is a lower chance that your home will be a nesting ground for fleas if you don’t own a pet, regular monitoring is still necessary to completely avoid infestation. During your yearly building inspections, we can help you detect not only infestations of termites, ants, spiders and cockroaches, but also fleas.