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Eliminating Destructive Termites Through Monitoring And Baiting Treatments

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Termites may be very tiny creatures, but their damage can be huge if they are not immediately discovered and eliminated. The problem with termite infestations is that, the little critters can keep their colony and their damage hidden, usually only discovered once the damage already becomes noticeable. This is especially true when pest inspections in a property are not conducted regularly. At this point, the repair costs could already be adding up.

To effectively help you control infestations in your home, our licenced inspectors at Defence Pest Management use monitoring and baiting treatments against termites and other pests.

How do Monitoring Systems Work?

We can setup monitoring and interception systems to keep your home guarded against pests. The monitoring system will be placed in strategic locations in your home, usually at possible entry points of termites. This includes outdoor areas where termites are most likely to linger in search for food. With this, the uninvited guests can be kept at bay and away from your house.

Monitoring systems will need to be checked regularly so we can effectively track movements and termite activities before they start causing damage to your property.


The monitoring system can work hand-in-hand with baiting. Baiting is a useful method in eliminating pests by giving them exactly what they want – their food source. Our technicians will use cellulose-based materials – including cardboard and paper – to lure the termites and allow them to feed. The materials are poisoned with chemicals that will slowly kill the termites. And since they will be taking the food that they have gathered back to their nest, baiting is an effective way of getting rid of an entire colony of termites. Baiting is also used in controlling other types of pests, such as ants and cockroaches.

Setting Up a Monitoring and Baiting System

Although you may readily find baiting stations and treatments from hardware stores (mostly for eliminating ants), these are usually designed for controlling smaller populations of pests. For termites and large infestations of pests, Defence Pest Management can design a monitoring and baiting system that is customised for your needs.

Treating Termites and Keeping Inspections Up-to-Date

While baiting and monitoring systems are most effective for preventing infestations, in other cases, the use of other termite treatments, such as liquid termiticides may be necessary. In addition, homeowners and property investors should also make sure that regular inspections are conducted in their property to steer clear of pests and detect risk of infestations as early as possible.