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Don’t Lose Your Sale Contract Because of Termites

Defence Pest Management Termites

There are few events more disturbing to householders than finding that their property is infested with termites. Emotionally, this discovery ranks right up there with losing the roof during a severe storm or being flooded. However, the recovery period can take much longer because termite damage is not covered by home insurance.

Most Buyers Will Not Touch a Home That Has Had Termites

If this is not enough to cope with, a recent survey has found that these tiny creatures hold far greater power over home contracts than their size would expect. 74% of the people surveyed indicated that they would not consider purchasing a home if it had termites, even though it was on their inspection list.

We reviewed the survey in detail and what we found was even more alarming. Here at Defence Pest Management we frequently inspect properties where the damage is miniscule. The termites have been found and eradicated before they have had a chance to cause structural damage. However the survey showed that buyers considered a termite affected property to be worth at least 25% less than before the termites were found.

Annual Termite Inspections Protect Property Values

This is a huge wake-up call to home owners who are not having an annual termite inspection by a qualified expert. We feel that by providing this information we are giving them a chance to start a full pest management regime before they have any problems. It is possible to eradicate termites once they have been detected, but only an annual inspection program can protect the value of the property over the long term.

Buyers are much more aware of the dangers of termites than they were ten years ago, and now most contracts require a pest inspection report. We suggest that sellers take the initiative and arrange pre-sale inspections. This serves two purposes. It allows them to market the property with confidence and it also gives them the opportunity to rectify any termite damage before they list the property for sale.

Termites Just Love Queensland

Here in Queensland our buildings are particularly vulnerable to attack by termites. They thrive in our warm, wet climate as it simply does not get cold enough in our winters to restrict their activity. We have also moved away from setting our buildings on stumps which exposed termites to the open. Slab-on-ground construction is the most popular but also the most termite friendly.

The only way to make sure your home is protected is through continuous monitoring and annual inspections conducted by experts. Our fully qualified inspectors are ready to assist and just waiting for your call.