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Dealing With Red Back Spiders On Your Property

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Apart from termites, ants, cockroaches and fleas, another common pest problem that property owners report to us at Defence Pest Management relates to spiders. While termites are known to cause damage to structures and ants cause a nuisance by foraging food supplies, spiders, on the other hand, can bite when disturbed. Worse, certain types of spiders can inject venom through the wound as they bite.

Specifically in Australia, the most cases of spider bites that require antivenom are those from redback spiders. Before the antivenom was introduced, redback spider bites had even caused several deaths.

What are Redback Spiders?

Redback spiders are venomous arachnids that are known to be native to Australia. The female is widely recognised by the red stripe on its back and the rest of its body is mainly black. These spiders are rather small, with the female only being less than half an inch in length and the male just about four millimetres on average.

Redback spiders build their webs in dry and warm places. In the garden, they can live in the sheds, pots, under rocks and logs. Inside the house, they can be on shelves, roof voids and eaves, under the floorboards or beds. They can even be found inside shoes, which cause some people to get bitten when they put on their shoes.

Dealing with Redback Spider Bites

Bites from redback spiders can be painful and the intensity of pain can increase in minutes, lasting for several days. The pain can remain around the affected area or it can spread to other nearby body parts. Other people may also feel nauseous and lethargic or may experience headaches, vomiting, fever and pain in the back, chest or abdomen.

The first aid treatment for pain that does not spread mostly only requires the use of ice and the intake of painkillers. For symptoms that affect other body parts and is spreading, administration of antivenom and medical care is usually needed.

Getting Rid of Redback Spiders

While it might be tempting to get rid of redback spiders the moment you see them, we do not recommend that you touch or handle the spider. There are insecticides and over-the-counter sprays that you can use to kill off spiders that you see; however, this will only get rid of those that are on the surface.

Redback spiders are nocturnal and thrive in dark areas and their egg sacs can be transported through air, so while you try to get rid of those that you find, they could be multiplying in other areas of your home. To help you with clearing up their habitats in other parts of your property, our technicians from Defence Pest Management can conduct a thorough pest inspection of your home. We can then implement an effective and safe pest control method to completely get rid of redback spiders and other lingering pests on your property.